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Please Enjoy the Audio Version of this Blog article Here 0n Soundcloud and on Spotify Unlocking Ancient Wisdom: Five Principles to Transform Your Life In the quest for personal growth and fulfilment, we often find ourselves inundated with quick-fix solutions and self-help trends promising to revolutionise our lives. But amidst the noise of modern-day advice, […]

List of Steps step 1 The Strength to Be Authentic In Doing What You Say If you say you are going to do something, then do it. If you say you are not, then don’t. But beware of saying one thing and doing another. Beware the war in your own head when you say one […]

Good morning, good afternoon, whatever you are. This is Chris, we are talking today about concentration. And there are very few things that I talk about and practice and rehearse and work on that are more important than concentration.  Traditionally in the old days, meditation or sitting around by yourself in the forest for long […]

You are aware that repetition is important to learning. you have done the 30 day challenge once. But how about twice or three times? Well here it is. Unashamedly, it’s here in old school PDF format. 10 minute videos provide exquisite inspiration and the downloads might just come in handy when you have a “gin […]

it’s been a whle since my last post. I’ve had a real dose of tummy trouble i think from post rain, Bondi Ocean water, Fastest weight loss programme on earth. But not so pleasant. Hope you enjoy the deck below.

At last, Life Purpose, Vision and planning all put together into a two day retreat, or a 30 day online programme. This unbelievable 2 day or 30 day online program will not only provide you with an opportunity to master plan your life but it will give you tools to stay there and manifest through […]

We live in revolutionary times and our lives are being altered in ways we cannot predict. Every major institution is being transformed. Our most deeply held values are in dispute and the nature of personal relationships is changing drastically. Click image to download PDF Our capacity to feed and house ourselves, to live healthy and […]

As you head into 2024, there are some important things, from a nature’s law perspective, to take into accountThe first is the consideration of nature’s law of exponential growth. As a ball expands just a few mm in diameter, the volume will increase exponentially. Ie The diameter may only increase by a small amount, but […]

Please enjoy the video below and if it doesn’t show up on the email, you’ll find it on the web here. Success is offered to us in many forms. Ultimately if our relationships are not satisfying, our friendships not supportive, our financials not secure and our health uncertain we are building on quicksand. Getting the […]

WISHING YOU HAPPY HOLIDAY SEASON In my next book I am going to emphasise and maybe even title the book, “got to TO love to.”Although this incredibly simplistic statement seems benign it is not.I think it is one of the single most important awareness you can have in life and leadership. Here’s why:Consider everybody you […]

3 A’S OF SELF LEADERSHIP (check out the video below or on my web here 1. Ambition2. Attitude3. Selective ApathyOf all the things you might consider to be important in life. Apathy might be the last thing you’d think of. We are obsessed with diligence we want to do meditation. Well we want to do […]

From time to time you get tired. Sometimes it’s from over exercising. Sometimes it’s from lack of sleep. But the end result of feeling tired is never good. It affects your mood, it affects your relationship with other people and it certainly affects your performance at work. It’s easy to blame something for your tiredness. […]

Harnessing the Five Universal Laws of Nature to Cultivate Mental Resilience in Business and SportIntroduction:In today’s fast-paced and demanding world, maintaining optimal mental health becomes paramount to navigate the challenges and pressures of both professional and personal life. While mental health issues can affect anyone, individuals involved in high-performance domains like business and sports often […]

Do you believe in magic? If the answer is no that’s okay but it probably will be better for you to skip this video now. Are the sense of possibility and imagination and the ability to dream without knowing how you are going to do something relies on the possibility that magic exists. This magic […]

10 STEPS TO CREATE A PERSONAL GROWTH AND DEVELOPMENT PLAN How your mind works and why it’s really important to spend some time each day sorting it. When thoughts go rogue so do you. And that’s not great. The great news is that if you change one small thing in the way you think and […]

This week we focus on the three minds: lower, middle and higher mind. These group the seven levels of mind into more simplified language: Lower being “GOT TO and SHOULD DO.” Middle being Need to Want to” and Higher is Desire, Choose and Love to. The language of these minds is so contradictory in some […]

Here’s a video below and the transcript you might like to read if listening to my magic voice is not your thing. If you can’t see the video, go to the blog on my web and it’s shining bright, sending love to the planet and trying to evolve the stressed amongst us. Where do you […]

RUMI – THE CORE OF MASCULINITYThe core of masculinity does not derivefrom being male,nor friendliness from those who console.Your old grandmother says, “Maybe you shouldn’tgo to school. You look a little pale.”Run when you hear that.A father’s stern slaps are better.Your bodily soul wants comforting.The severe father wants spiritual clarity.He scolds but eventuallyleads you into […]

When we compete with other people we find ourselves in an ego driven battle that will always gravitate to the person with the lowest consciousness and therefore the loudest voice winning. It’s therefore wise to use the idea of compassion as a battle weapon against minorities who scream down with the loudest voice and opinionated […]