How to Overcome the Blues

The world will tell you night and day what you forgot, what you didn’t do, what you should do or what you got to do.

 But do you want to be like everyone else, dying young, caught up in brands, watching tv for stress relief, panic attacks about the flavour of your toothpaste? Or do you want to leave a mark, not a dirty mark or a bad footprint, leave a trail of love and inspiration for your kids, friends, family, and the world to follow. Find purpose, walk your own path, live from your heart and be guided by your soul. This is a gift I will give you based on 40 years of guiding others and being guided by indigenous wise people, elders, saints, monks, preachers, and teachers of the ancient wisdom of soul guided work.

• More Inner Stillness• Better Decisions• Loving Relationships• Greater Perspectives• Clearer Commitments• Inner Strength• Mind Control• Greater Focus• More Inspiring• More Heart – Less Dogma• Emotional Integrity• Personal Honesty

As you evolve in your life so too do the stresses.

This work is about dealing with big stresses. Big stresses are what nature provides for big lives. If you have no stresses, you have no life, or a very little one. That’s a gift. But it’s also a gift to have a big life. You get big problems to create an even bigger life.

The size of your vision determines the size of your life but there’s a better quote: “the size of the challenges you get over determines the size of your life.” That’s a better definition.If you love nature you’ll automatically aspire to live with inspiration and love. Nature does that to a person irrespective of their vision or challenges. Nature also keeps you awake. If you love nature, love the specie and beings of nature you’ll automatically, at the same time, wish to achieve great things. It’s automatic. It can be assumed that if you are in the right space with nature then you are in the right place with life.This work is for people want to think different. Who don’t want to buy into psychology or fundamentalist ideals or radical save the planet environmental terrorism but do want to make a difference, especially in the gap between those who have and those who have not and to make the planet a more moderated and sustainable environment.I say that latter quote really carefully. The love of nature is a gift to you but the obsession with “conservation” can be more of a projection onto nature than it is love of it. You’ll probably confuse the two a bit. I hope I clarify this matter.4It’s when we least expect it that the value of a connection to nature finds its way to our heart. It’s also an opportunity to develop greater compassion for others. By understanding the process of dealing with stress we understand others better and can be of help to them or at the least, not judge them, for their stressful existence.****Nature and the BluesThe only way to feel the blues is to be separated from nature. In nature, stuff happens and it’s part of the game. Separated from nature, our expectations of how life should or could be, become more dominant and because of this most healing centres, ashrams, spa retreats and monasteries and located in nature. Connected to nature, you can’t get the blues.

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