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Introduction Stress at work is a pervasive issue that affects millions of people worldwide. According to various studies, more than 500,000 people in the UK alone believe that work-related stress is making them ill, with self-reported stress, depression, or anxiety accounting for an estimated 12.8 million lost working days per year. While the workplace is […]

In this blog and podcast on conscious leadership, Chris emphasises building leadership on solid foundations. The journey begins with moving beyond anger, greed, and hate—emotions that subtly infiltrate our everyday interactions, such as criticism, judgement, and dictatorial behaviour. Recognising and transcending these states is crucial for fostering a healthy, empathetic, and inclusive organisational culture. By […]

In this episode, we explore the essence of conscious leadership in modern business. From the evolving role of technical expertise to the critical balance between engagement and productivity, we delve into the adaptability required for effective leadership. Learn how to maintain a balanced approach, avoiding stress and fostering productivity in different business environments. Tune in […]

Welcome to the enchanting world of my fables! I’m Chris Walker, and I’m delighted to share these whimsical stories with you. You might wonder why someone who usually works with executives and leaders would transform important lessons into playful fables. The answer is simple: stories are powerful. They touch the heart, spark the imagination, and […]

As someone deeply involved in the field of personal development and corporate culture change, I’ve spent years exploring the concepts of motivation and inspiration. Over time, I’ve come to realise that shifting from motivation to inspiration can have profound benefits for individuals, teams, companies, and communities. Today, I’d like to share why I believe this […]

In this episode, Chris discusses the concept of consciousness and its critical role in leadership and life. Speaking from the serene outdoor office in the bush, he explores how awareness impacts decision-making and the importance of maintaining a broad perspective in both personal and professional realms. Chris emphasizes that conscious leadership involves understanding and balancing […]

In this episode, Chris shares the joys and practicalities of working outdoors from the beautiful Kangaroo Valley. He discusses the importance of preparation and having a clear agenda to stay productive in nature. Chris also highlights the health benefits of natural light and fresh air, urging listeners to take advantage of technology that allows them […]

In this episode, Chris Walker discusses the crucial concept of fast, conscious, and sustainable change. He emphasises the importance of aligning various aspects of our lives—focus, health, environment, priorities, vision, and self-talk—to achieve meaningful outcomes. Chris also highlights that true change begins with ourselves and our perceptions, especially when dealing with unchangeable circumstances. Join us […]

In our fast-paced world, relationships are the bedrock of our personal and professional lives. Yet, the very speed at which we live can often lead to unconscious behaviours that erode the foundations of these connections. At Chris Walker Coaching, we champion a path of fast, conscious, and sustainable change that nurtures and strengthens relationships. Central […]

In this post, Chris Walker introduces the Walker Way, a unique methodology for fast, conscious, and sustainable change. Leveraging Nature’s Universal Laws, Chris explains how his approach transforms business, personal well-being, and family dynamics through seven key elements. Discover how emotional clearing, physical wellness, upgraded environments, and empowered actions lead to holistic and enduring success. […]

In these revolutionary times, conscious leadership is essential for navigating rapid changes in our social systems, environment, and personal lives. At Chris Walker Coaching, we harness Nature’s Universal Laws to empower individuals to create personal transformations that drive global impact. Our unique approach integrates spirituality, business development, and life mastery, fostering a deeper connection with […]

In this discussion, Chris Walker uses the scenic view from Ben Buckler as a metaphor to explore the themes of narcissism and altruism in human interactions. He explains that attempting to change others often stems from projecting our own viewpoints, which he identifies as narcissistic behaviour. Through personal anecdotes and practical exercises, Chris emphasizes the […]

The Orion questionnaire aims to provoke thoughtful responses that explore the complexities of our relationship with nature and the environment. Respondents’ answers contribute to a rich tapestry of perspectives on these important topics. Download Questionaire Chris Walker Deep Thinking What is a species you feel is frequently misunderstood?  In what environment do you feel most […]

The Power of Unthinking In this blog post, Chris discusses the concept of “unthinking,” emphasising the importance of cultivating pure and productive thoughts from the outset. He compares unthinking to driving a car and the inefficiency of correcting negative thoughts once they’ve been set. Chris explains how our initial thoughts, whether positive or negative, transmit […]

In this episode, Chris explores the balance between ambition and contentment. He discusses the importance of recognising the gap between what we have and what we want, and how managing this gap can lead to greater happiness. Chris delves into the roles of vision, inspiration, and purpose, and offers practical advice on maintaining motivation without […]

Introduction Good morning, good afternoon, wherever you are. Today, I’m coming to you from Ben Buckler, where the sun is shining, and the wind is brisk. It’s a beautiful day to delve into a fundamental law of nature: the eternal struggle between gravity pulling us down and growth pushing us upward. Gravity vs. Growth Imagine […]

In this episode of ‘The Anti-Guru Guru Show,’ Chris Walker explores the crucial difference between action and reaction in the pursuit of personal mastery and inner wealth. While riding his bike, Chris delves into how our responses to pain and discomfort shape our journey, emphasising the power of enduring pain without letting it turn into […]

Hey there, nature lovers and truth seekers! Welcome back to another episode of the Anti Guru Guru Podcast where we cut through the fluff and dive straight into the heart of what makes us tick. Imagine a forest teeming with life. Trees, shrubs, and flowers all coexisting in a delicate balance, each playing a role […]