To those who attain this amazing height of self-mastery, to those who can stand erect, open chested, not crunched in shame, basking in love and life, doing the right thing, visualising their glory and denying any dark or evil thoughts. I celebrate your victory.

And I’m afraid I’m troubled by the things that disempower and run the hearts of most average people who say they are striving for success but are not. To those who are master of their passions, their emotions, their circumstances and their life, into such a person has come that for which the world has longed for and strived in vain, that state of life about which philosophers, poets and sears have, for centuries, spoken and written, and yet never been able to grasp or hold.

Those who overcome themselves, overcome the world; then all its treasures are poured at their feet; “All the divine forces hasten to enhance their eternal joy.“

Dear student, all this is for you. Persevere with the affirmations and practices the visualisation exercises as taught in this course and you will succeed beyond your wildest dreams.


Look at the window frame of your bedroom, trace the wood of which it is made, step-by-step, reverse engineer its progress and process, right back to its original form, the tree in the forest. See clearly and distinctly every stage leave out no detail. You will sleep like a baby. And in that sleep your subconscious to which you have delivered affirmations during the day and while cleaning your teeth will seep in and make progress. You will be working, manifesting your visualisations and affirmations in your sleep. This is the perfect dream.


“In future I am going to close my eyes to the imperfections of other people and endeavour only to see the good points. Everyone has loveable traits in his or her character. Even the hardest “case“ has a “soft spot“ somewhere, therefore in future I will look only for the loveable traits and the “soft spots“. In everyone I shall see something to admire and reverence, something to love.”


“And I shall not stop with people. I will also look for the good in every circumstance in every difficulty, in every failure. I will look for the good in every blade of grass and every opening flower, in the wind that blows and the sun that burns my cheek. Rain or sunshine, fair-weather or foul, I will see good in everything, see perfection underlying all. Out of these will grow a new sympathy, a more extensive and embracing leadership and love, and larger and wider consciousness, for everyone and everything are my sisters and brothers, each forms apart of the one whole, we are one with each other and the universal life and mind of which we each form an individual part.”

Continue to get your subliminal mind to solve your problems.

Do not be disheartened by failures, simply try again until you succeed. One word of warning. After receiving your answer that you asked your subliminal mind to solve before sleep, in the early morning, get to business, or practice, or go for a run or whatever your work may be, and do not be a beggar and beg for the answer. It is like catching a feather, do not grasp, let it come. Then, at some moment, you may think that the answer which came to you as a flash must be a mistake, so opposed does it appear to ordinary worldly thinking. Don’t be deceived, what you have received by inspiration is the truest wisdom, and the so-called “worldly thinking“ which now seeks to reverse the decision, will, if you follow it, lead you to confusion and disaster. Infinite wisdom always appears as a flash, and seems to be foolish to a finite person. If you even tell your lover or family they will no doubt apply so called “worldly wisdom” but you must see that “100% of that “worldly wisdom” is based on fear. Do not listen or be distracted. All law, all corporate culture, all should and shouldn’t advice is based on Fear. Do not live from that evil thinking. Even “be at peace” advice will come from the root of FEAR. Deny it. Continue to hold a visualisation of amazing health and eternal usefulness forever in front of your mental eyes. Deny sickness and affirm health ceaselessly, not in a strained way, but with confidence and conviction.

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