• Proper periods of rest.
  • Variety of physical and mental action.
  • Proper food and drink.
  • Pure air.
  • Physical cleanliness to assist elimination of waste.
  • Regular activity of the muscles. 
  • Regular activity of the nerves. 
  • Regular activity of breathing. 
  • Regular exercise of the physical body.
  • Healthy toned mental and emotional activity for the quickening of the brain centres. 
  • Proper clothing and favourable, healthful environments.
  • High focus on purpose.
  • Avoidance of excesses.
  • Psychical and physiological balance.


To have an inspired day, don’t clutter your hours with so much “busi-ness” and unimportant things that you have no time to “be in love” and “live with love”. This applies to play as well as work. A day merely survived, with money as the only reward, is no cause for celebration.

In its purified state, the best human condition is the hologram of the seen and unseen worlds; it is the part that reflects the whole. The best of you is the point at which the individual human being is closest to their most inspired state. Our inspired self is the centre of our talent and knowing, possessing a depth and strength of Will that our personality lacks. When we say that the inspired self has an integrative power, we are not talking in abstract, metaphorical, or merely intellectual terms. 

The realisation and purification of our environment both opens a doorway to true happiness and results in a restructuring of neural pathways – a refinement and reorganisation of our entire nervous system – that allows the fullest expression of our human possibilities.

Being committed to Inspired Living is also a preventative. Without this commitment and the teachings that come with it, we can so easily fall into the world of live to work rather than work to live. Time can rush by; we can become so busy training, working and getting ready to enjoy life that we are too tired to take advantage of opportunities to enjoy life. We say “Oh, please excuse my bad attitude, I am so tired from running around, training, working, worrying” and expect those around us to tolerate this compromised version of ourselves. We can justify our fall from being our best by accusing the things we do as being the fault, cause, to blame something is ridiculous. We are to blame. We automatically become incompetent at sport or training or working or living and somehow think it is right to be second quality in our communication and relations. Instead a commitment to Inspired Living means we evolve through the inevitable consequence of growing, we recognise our incompetence through tiredness or heavy hearted communication and instead of accepting it, we manage our life for the benefit of love. We master the power of will. This, in another language, means discipline, routine and schedule that we stick to. Stickiness.


For those of you who are my students of INSPIRED LIVING you will already know that LOVE and INSPIRATION are interchangeable words meaning exactly the same thing. However, the word love has been hyjacked by millions of teachers and teachings, conditioned with so much morality and religion, stolen by the lower mind to be an emotional experience of eating our favourite ice-cream or going to our favourite holiday resort. Love has become the banner for pleasure of varying magnitude which is not what we mean when I say the word Love. I mean unconditional love, a state of Zen, enlightenment, the zone, flow, resilience, power, clarity, balance and calm all rolled into one. So, I rather use INSPIRATION which, for the most part has not been highjacked by commercial interests yet. Inspired Living has not been commercialised too much. (unless you are reading brochures on new lounge suites or property developments in the outer suburbs of Brisbane.

Work with love, live with love, act with love, a home with love, friendships with love, heal with love. Love is a lifestyle. Love is not separate from our life because actually, love is life. INSPIRED LIVING.

We grow with Inspiration and stay young with Inspiration. Our health thrives on it; our joy is underpinned by it. A person who loves their work is unstoppable, inspired. But it all begins at home.

A home is a sanctuary of Inspiration. This sanctuary is more like a bird sanctuary than an ashram. It is a chaotic home, a place where feelings and experiences are honest, and challenges are many, but there is always a smile; because feelings and experiences do not overwhelm the Inspiration because you know that all the challenges are not in conflict with inspired living but are simply a test to check you are evolving. If you react, you are not evolving, very simple.

When you are truly in love if you process things. You see past the environment and your denial, affirmation and visualisation are still crystal clear. The key to living with love is the ability to rise through that ego that reacts, and still rise to the truth that sits behind it. And do it any time you choose, especially at home. This is the mark of inspired living, great wisdom applied to the easiest things in life, like family.

It is very hard to have a loving relationship when you are not doing what you love and loving what you do at work. Inspired living means you can convert any job, even the most depressing job into an opportunity to evolve.

For arguments sake, let’s block out your vision of the world so you can’t see your daily life any more. There’s nothing there. You are sitting here reading this great article, so, no matter who is around you, you are alone. Now, imagine this: There are about 6 trillion stars in the Milky Way. Our Sun is one of them. And our planet goes around our Sun, just like all the other Suns have planets too. There are 50 billion galaxies like the Milky Way. So, if you do the math, your calculator will be unable to display the numbers because we aren’t normally built to think that big.

Now the world is still painted out in everyday terms but sitting alone you find yourself in awe of another dimension. This is the most important thing. To stay in awe of the magnificence. To do this we celebrate the subliminal mind. Your denial, affirmation and visualisations keep you in awe of your own star. You are now a part of the real world and you know how totally lucky you are to be witnessing the vast magnificence of it. To stay inspired we have to get over the tenancy to make our current environment the only universe we know because that makes us self-obsessed, nihilistic, narcissistic and failed.

To have a really, really great day, one of the most powerful gifts is simply to be inspired about the fact that you’re alive, with a powerful aspiration. That’s the ultimate in the human condition. The inspiration starts by just knowing that you are alive, breathing, lucky and have the opportunity drive your dreams through denial, affirmation and visualisation. And this requires faith and hope to be front and centre.

People who have done life tough, know this automatically. My Dad, who really did do life tough, used to say, “I look up the obituaries in the paper, if I’m not in it; then it’s a great day”.

We, those who believe in rising above the tide, to Inspired Living, each need to remain so excited about life, just like a child at Christmas or Passover or whatever your faith’s special day. Everyday is Christmas; everyday is your birthday, everyday is valentines day, the birth of a new day. That’s where great, fantastic, unbelievable days begin. Don’t wait for the “system” or “your environment” or “others” to give you permission to smile, laugh, feel enthusiastic.… make everyday your  birthday.

Surround yourself in your sanctuary with things from another world. Paintings by kids, reflections of your imagination. Dream boards that transcend reality. Pictures of a different reality, a universe, (like the screen saver I use). Amazing awe-inspiring creative images, ideas and things that make you so ready to have a fantastic day. Learn to bounce off the walls otherwise, it will be a sterile sanctuary, clean, boring, predictable and unimaginatively ordered into your own oblivion. Make no excuses and create your environment beyond the feelings and permissions of others, smile without reason, want life, want it to be joyful. In this, you will know yourself and your inspiration will be open to life. This is the beginning, a home, a sanctuary for your Denial, Affirmations and Visualisations to manifest.

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