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Sometimes people feel that whatever the work they are doing, it could not be what God intended for them. They blame the work. The missing piece here is not what is wrong with the work they are doing, but rather understanding the work they are performing right now in the context of the bigger picture […]

You can really boost the quality of your relationships by adding Innerwealth to your lifestyle. Innerwealth; Improves your intuition Relaxes you Gives you more sexual energy Makes you more caring Helps you have more compassion for your partner Gives you incredible strength when times are tough Creates a powerful cocoon in which to celebrate your […]

You are aware that repetition is important to learning. you have done the 30 day challenge once. But how about twice or three times? Well here it is. Unashamedly, it’s here in old school PDF format. 10 minute videos provide exquisite inspiration and the downloads might just come in handy when you have a “gin […]

it’s been a whle since my last post. I’ve had a real dose of tummy trouble i think from post rain, Bondi Ocean water, Fastest weight loss programme on earth. But not so pleasant. Hope you enjoy the deck below.

A Highly Conscious Coaching Program for Business People. We invite entrepreneurs, companies and individuals to attend this highly aware program. For many years I have trained and educated people to work as effectively as possible. The process I share, inspired thinking, encourages and enables students to become moved by an expansive vision. To be fascinated […]

At last, Life Purpose, Vision and planning all put together into a two day retreat, or a 30 day online programme. This unbelievable 2 day or 30 day online program will not only provide you with an opportunity to master plan your life but it will give you tools to stay there and manifest through […]

We live in revolutionary times and our lives are being altered in ways we cannot predict. Every major institution is being transformed. Our most deeply held values are in dispute and the nature of personal relationships is changing drastically. Click image to download PDF Our capacity to feed and house ourselves, to live healthy and […]

The life-force of corporate performance is personal change, and the people who are changing in order to live productively in this new age can create extraordinary results. We all want to make changes – to see the workplace as a better place, to change our health, family, business and relationships. We want change and we […]

As you head into 2024, there are some important things, from a nature’s law perspective, to take into accountThe first is the consideration of nature’s law of exponential growth. As a ball expands just a few mm in diameter, the volume will increase exponentially. Ie The diameter may only increase by a small amount, but […]