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Please enjoy the video below and if it doesn’t show up on the email, you’ll find it on the web here. Success is offered to us in many forms. Ultimately if our relationships are not satisfying, our friendships not supportive, our financials not secure and our health uncertain we are building on quicksand. Getting the […]

WISHING YOU HAPPY HOLIDAY SEASON In my next book I am going to emphasise and maybe even title the book, “got to TO love to.”Although this incredibly simplistic statement seems benign it is not.I think it is one of the single most important awareness you can have in life and leadership. Here’s why:Consider everybody you […]

Now that you are enrolled in the coaching with Chris, please enjoy these video as well as hundreds more on our vimeo site. 

Now that you are enrolled in coaching with Chris Walker – please download all or any of the pdf books for your personal reading and growth. Living as nature intended, you get what nature intended: health, success and happiness. You will find a good selection of Chris’ books at AMAZON and at APPLE

Chris Walker Innerwealth – Life’s a Beach · Latest From The Anti Guru Guru

I started Innerwealth because I wanted to save the world, environmentally at least. I spent many years as an environmental engineer and witnessed the devastation that industry can cause to nature, and humans, when it has no regard for the sustainability or long-term wellbeing of people over the commercial demands of industry.But all that changed […]

3 A’S OF SELF LEADERSHIP (check out the video below or on my web here 1. Ambition2. Attitude3. Selective ApathyOf all the things you might consider to be important in life. Apathy might be the last thing you’d think of. We are obsessed with diligence we want to do meditation. Well we want to do […]

From time to time you get tired. Sometimes it’s from over exercising. Sometimes it’s from lack of sleep. But the end result of feeling tired is never good. It affects your mood, it affects your relationship with other people and it certainly affects your performance at work. It’s easy to blame something for your tiredness. […]

Harnessing the Five Universal Laws of Nature to Cultivate Mental Resilience in Business and SportIntroduction:In today’s fast-paced and demanding world, maintaining optimal mental health becomes paramount to navigate the challenges and pressures of both professional and personal life. While mental health issues can affect anyone, individuals involved in high-performance domains like business and sports often […]