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Welcome to this weeks podcast and content for your listening pleasure. Today I’ve included a booklet and the podcast for your review I hope you can glean something out of this. The booklet itself is a small book about love and I think it’s really good reading for those who are interested in inspiring more […]

Here’s a video below and the transcript you might like to read if listening to my magic voice is not your thing. If you can’t see the video, go to the blog on my web and it’s shining bright, sending love to the planet and trying to evolve the stressed amongst us. Where do you […]

This series of Vodcasts is designed to discuss personal magnetism and therefore personal power. And today I’m going to discuss with you the secrets to not giving your power away. Given that the energy from the sun is powerful and life-giving it is a shame to waste it. Wasting it on things like worry, stress […]

RUMI – THE CORE OF MASCULINITYThe core of masculinity does not derivefrom being male,nor friendliness from those who console.Your old grandmother says, “Maybe you shouldn’tgo to school. You look a little pale.”Run when you hear that.A father’s stern slaps are better.Your bodily soul wants comforting.The severe father wants spiritual clarity.He scolds but eventuallyleads you into […]

Listen on Spotify We have an inner energy, a divine fire – the vitality of our nerves, our mind, and our body affects our life-force and therefore the way we live and act in the world. Managing life-force is the key to conscious living, understanding its power is celebrating life. Every movement, thought and intention, […]

When we compete with other people we find ourselves in an ego driven battle that will always gravitate to the person with the lowest consciousness and therefore the loudest voice winning. It’s therefore wise to use the idea of compassion as a battle weapon against minorities who scream down with the loudest voice and opinionated […]

Yeah, I’ve done hundreds of written vision quests and I find after a while I get a little complacent in terms of the content and the engagement required to create enthusiasm inspiration and commitment. Therefore I’m gravitated towards a different process which includes using my phone and voice to text. I hope this demonstrates another […]

No doubt you have come across a great questionnaire that pushes you to ask yourself some really good questions about the future. What I’ve done here is put together a deck of 17 different questions and formatted it in such a way that it’s entertaining and fast. I thoroughly recommend having a swing at this […]