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LEARN THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN VALUES AND BELIEFS TO CREATE YOUR BEST LIFE Would you rather own a home or spend a year traveling the world? Have a steady paycheck or a flexible schedule? Put money away for retirement or splurge on an expensive gift? For many of you, the answer was obvious, but your answer […]

It’s a question as old as time: “What is my purpose in life?” As far back as the fourth century BC, Aristotle was pondering life’s purpose and developing his theory of teleology, or the idea that everything in life has purpose. In today’s fast-paced, technology-filled world where we are being pulled in many directions at once, finding the purpose […]

Your entitlement A person never has more or less than they think they are worthy of. If your boss is treating you like a cow, that’s what you have attracted, and if you are fully honest with yourself, it’s how you treat yourself. If your partner is an grateful, and complimentary, rude and ignores you, […]

Success, without happiness is no success It’s good to be successful and wealthy from it. But if that success has come without happiness, it is not really success at all. So it might be a worthy exploration, to understand why people become unhappy, and how you can avoid those pitfalls. You see there is a […]

If you go to work on a Monday without a clear definition of your goals, your vision, your purpose your consciousness and the boundaries that might be confining you, then, you are in the realm of the masses. And I doubt you read this blog for that… So I sent you this on Sunday to […]

There are four unique steps in personal growth. Most people focus on just one and forget to change the others. In this short video, I’ll explain what I mean. Beliefs + Expectations + Projections + Entitlement = Outcome

You may not see yourself and your work through this light, or through the eyes of a champion, but I see you that way. I believe we all, like any athlete, are wishing to be and aiming to be a champion in what we do. This ambition, whether it be to be the best mum […]

VIDEO FOR PHONE. what you see determines what you think. What you think determines what you do. Think different – be different – starts with see different.

Your heart is the core of your deepest humanity. When we have finished exploring intellect and attending ceremonies, when we are exhausted trying to change the unchangeable, then we come to rest in our heart. In this place your heart and my heart are one, we are interconnected, no need to compare, we are a […]