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Download your e-copy below. Beginning with the difference between motivation and inspiration, my aim in this book to address everyday life management with a fresh perspective and use my own consulting and personal business experience to mirror the possibilities. The human spirit can fly when the conditions are right, and in this book we put […]

Are our measures of poverty and well-being too narrow? Judith Schleicher and Bhaskar Vira from Cambridge’s Conservation Research Initiative think so. Writing for The Conversation, they argue that we should include access to nature in these measures. Without nature, humans could be neither healthy nor happy. And yet the natural world can be completely ransacked […]

For 35 years now, Christopher Walker has been a consultant, originally a consultant on global environment and corporate change, Christopher realised his inspiration to inspire the individual. For the past 25 years Christopher Walker has been a professional coach, using his knowledge in environment management (or the laws of nature) and corporate change, Christopher has […]

Today’s episode of 101 things I wish my Dad Taught Me. Episode 53. Is “As your breath wanders so does your mind.” And is bought to you by Universal Law of Nature number 4. Vibration. everything vibrates. You know that. You already know that a rock is made of atoms molecules and subatomic particles that […]

You can watch this video on Spotify in your app or here on the blog and have a few laughs. 101 Things I wish my Dad Taught me. Episode 51. Are you alive or barely breathing. Bought to you by Universal Law of Nature Number 4. Abundance. Well, good day and welcome. Transcript of video. […]

We have reached the half way mark of the 101 Things I wish My Dad Taught Me. This is Episodes 48,49,50. “Why are you here?” Bought to you by all the five universal laws of nature. after the Second World War my dad came back like most soldiers, somewhat messed up. Again like most heat […]

Good morning, good afternoon, wherever you are. This episode of 101 things I Wish My Dad Taught Me is bought to you by the fifth universal law, the one and the many and the first universal law, the law of balance. Episode 47. “To solve the paradox you must rise to the metadox.”“To solve the […]

Today’s episode of 101 Things I wish my Dad taught me “What are you doing here?” is brought to you by the universal law of nature number 5 Everything has a purpose, hierarchy, the one and the many. the answer this question has never changed and never will change, the reason we are all here is […]