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In my life I have no regrets. Ok, maybe one or two, but mostly no regrets. Oh, all right, more than a few but still, no regrets, mostly. Kind of. Nearly 100% no regrets. Oh! Yes, I do regret that and that. But mostly no regrets. All right! There’s about 50% of what I have […]

In the last year, bartenders have rewilded their drinks with foraged cocktails, city-dwellers have rewilded their urban landscapes with public mini-forests, and brands have been making sweeping efforts to become regenerative. But is it possible to rewild the way we as individuals think and act on a daily basis? In other words, “can we rewild ourselves?,” the BBC asked in […]

People are reconsidering their relational health with others and with themselves, focusing on their overall wellbeing and self-growth. A new solo-lens for self-betterment and wellness is shifting the way consumers operate in relationships. Many couples are taking relationship gap years by scheduling time apart to prioritize self-discovery and growth. The BBC featured two couples in […]

Do you really want change? The concept of being inspired is quite profound and uniquely different to what is the normal every day modality of people’s way of life. When we are motivated we use carrot and stick type analogies to cause us to want to get up in the morning and go kickback for […]

Coaching in a business environment is a training method in which a more experienced or skilled individual provides an employee with advice and guidance intended to help develop the individual’s skills, performance and career. Coaching is distinguished from similar HR competencies of mentoring and counseling (as a step in a progressive discipline system). Coaching may […]

Today’s question: If you were told you could bend a spoon with your mind, would you agree but accept you don’t know how, or would you say it’s a trick? In the year before the Grand Canyon started as a trickle of a creek, about a billion years ago now, I attended a spoon bending […]

It is beyond belief that in 2022 people still consider the idea of an executive coach as an accessory or a luxury in business. One of the reasons for this is that for many years life coaches have been nothing more than amateur psychologists. And, in most cases very poor ones. I have included an […]

Today’s question is wonderful. It pushes every button in the universe and in our memes. This question of the series 20 Questions in 30 Days. is Question 15. Why do people who seek peace attract trouble? Ask the universe. answer: ashasajhrerbsiherkcbaiwends erhjaksdkhswerbkashdhrktbgkebsahhkhaskhdkhskd OK so that’s universe talk so as a qualified translator of universe speak, […]

20 Questions in 30 Days. Q14. Why does being in the moment guarantee failure? First and foremost it doesn’t. Not always. Only sometimes. All eyes are turned to the future. Every animal, human and inanimate object has its eyes on the future. Birds build nests before they lay eggs not after. People save money for […]