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There are four keys to a great life. If you have all four of these you can really say, “I have made it: – I am managing my life well” and there is one enemy that sabotages them all, without fail. This article explores that enemy. The four great icons of a great life are: […]

Exploring inspiration is both an intellectual journey as well as a personal one. We do not deny the need for knowledge in placing order in the chaos called life. Disorganised knowledge leads to confusion and so, as your coach, the anti guru guru, every now and again it’s important to consider the exploration or revision […]

To sit alone in doubt is hell. To resolve doubt sitting alone is impossible. The self-talk that causes doubt will feed itself. Poor self-talk causes doubt. A doubting mind will remain a doubting mind no matter what intellectual knowledge is provided to it, the answers to the questions are really irrelevant. If you are given […]

So we have covered a huge amount of ground in the past 29 days and today we come to the end of the 30 topic window. We’ve spoke about the power of the mind, mental strength because thought is the only power, only real power a human being has. To change your thoughts is to […]

Research shows that the ‘3-day Effect’ is the key to truly getting out of your rut. In writing his book, The Comfort Crisis, Michael Easter spent more than a month deep in the Arctic backcountry. This, naturally, put him in some sketchy situations. Like the afternoon he encountered a grizzly bear the size of a Chevy […]

Today we are going to discuss contentment. It is a very appropriate conversation because we have been generating allot of excitement and inspiration about the future with viewpoint and mind-power. It is important to include contentment just in case you become somehow obsessed with the future and forget contentment which is the present moment. Your […]

So far, in this course on inspired thinking, we have discussed the value of routine, viewpoint and exercise as keys to the expression of knowledge you gain in life. We have presented the idea of mind powers and now we can deliver more to our bottom line in life through Self-Leadership. Today I will present […]

Yesterday we spoke about viewpoint as being the single most vital key in leadership and self awareness. I encouraged you to look from the universal view so you can run the world in your chosen field. Today, we delve into there micro level of self-awareness and leadership with mind control. Everything in this universe fits […]

We may have covered this in a previous post but in this course on Inspired Thinking we do review important lessons several times. You can’t manage anything you can’t see the balance in and so, you viewpoint in life is the single most important element of self mastery. A person with a small viewpoint cannot […]

This lesson is about self awareness and using it wisely. We have spoken about self-reliance and its importance in leadership and life. But there is something far more important as a leader when it comes to mastering self-awareness. This topic is non reaction. We react to everything we are not conscious of and so, we […]

All too often we get trapped in the doing of computation as a leader when really, the quality and inspiration of our leadership comes from art. Artists create from images in their heart, deep impressions onto a canvas. It can be a sculpture a painting or photograph. It can be dancing or singing or creating […]

TODAY WE EXPLORE INSPIRED THINKING #12 – EGO IS IT REALLY SO BAD – A DIRTY WORD? There are many planes of existence and the material one is on the surface of life. On this plane we may choose to live out most of our life and so a great journey takes place here. Unfortunately, […]

Today we discuss the vital objective in success of SELF RELIANCE. Many years ago, especially in the East, people were in tune with nature. Nature’s harmony and the human happiness were considered one. What happened outside of us, happened within. But now, with time and technology, we have lost touch. Concrete has replaced trees, paint […]

IMPROVE YOURSELF We all understand the importance of maintaining progress in our own life. Self- awareness is an ongoing and continuous journey. This earth has been evolving from the time it first took shape. You are part of this earth; from its bosom you were extracted, and to its bosom you will shortly return. Therefore, […]

The Bible gives the advice to take no thought of the morrow. And you will hear often the ideal “be in the moment, live in the now.” There have been many families who have frozen to death because of the misinterpretation this idea. There is no surer way of turning smart wise people into neophytes […]

Too many voices in your head telling you this and that about life. When the inner voice speaks louder than the outer voices you are considered inspired but that’s all good until you start reading books, listening to advice of a spouse or family member who has no real qualification to advise you. These resources […]

Button up boots, telephones that mounted to the wall, street lights that were lit with a flame and horse driven carts all reflect a past we are all respectful of. Motivation comes from the same era. Are you still living in the past?