100 Things I wish My Dad Taught Me. Episode 21. “Everything serves even if at first you don’t see it.”

Today I have made a video for you here on the Innerwealth.com blog. If you are listening to the audio, you are listening to the audio, of the transcript, of the video, from an audio. Good luck with that.


Transcript of Video.

Good day, it’s Chris and three steps to success.

  1. forgive yourself
  2. get a thick skin.
  3. reject false praise.

We’re going to go through these each of them individually in a minute, but it’s really important to understand that sometimes being successful requires certain unique qualities for giving yourself no guilt, a thick skin get in first before people insult you and last but not least reject false praise. In other words, accept applause, but don’t take it to heart.

Let’s just go through a few of these things and have a closer look.

So the objective of this audio and video is to help you grow. Forgive yourself. You’re walking along the street view, little kid falls over and you, they start crying and you look and you think, do I pick them up or not?

And you know, somebody else might, or your partner might pick them up and you think to yourself, oh, I know it’s good for them that I don’t rescue them, but I don’t feel also very good about letting them fall and not picking them up.

At some point, you have to forgive yourself for being tough on people.

The second one is thick skin.

What the objective of a thick skin is, is to insult yourself with all the things you don’t want people to call you and actually get to like it.

Most people spend their lives in business playing Chayc to detect her running away from qualities they don’t want to be accused of. And the better way to be is to list those qualities that you don’t want to be accused of down and get used to it and get over it.

The third and most difficult one is when we seek praise from people, when we seek approval, when we seek to be liked by people and we search for compliments, we also open the back door to being available for condemnation and criticism.

The person who needs to give you praise is? Obviously yourself.

And that doesn’t mean not accepting applause.

It means respecting the people need to applause, but it’s much wiser to, to, to pass, pay it forward and say it wasn’t me.

Who did it. It was the people who helped me.

Take no credit. Take no blame.

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