Nature seeks a balance in all things. This one awareness improves decisions, relationships, leadership, health, personal wellbeing and mental health. It is the key to so much of good leadership and inner peace.

Chris Walker

If you can’t see the balance in it, you can’t manage or lead it

Chris Walker

Emotions are lopsided perceptions, and therefore unbalanced thinking is at the root of stress, emotional disruption, burnout and conflict. Team leadership is radically improved when the leader becomes accountable for seeing the balance in teamwork and dynamics.

Learn Balance

  • Learn Mental Balance for better decisions
  • Learn emotional balance for better communication
  • Learn interpersonal balance for better relationships
  • See the balance to put order in any chaos. (solve problems)

Learn Balance Sessions

  • Team Workshop – 1/2 day or 1 day
  • Personal Sessions – 3 hours
  • Keynote presentations 1 hour
  • Without instruction – a lifetime

If you can’t manage your emotions (see balance) you can’t manage your money…

Warren Buffet