Staying Motivated…. Working From Home..

You wake. You’re tired. There’s things to do, including getting some exercise. The kids are awake. You put your head back on the pillow and remember Walker the Talker’s last podcast. You know it’s not happening. Maybe tomorrow. And of course, tomorrow never comes. I’m lucky. My partner is a professional athlete who gets upContinue reading “Staying Motivated…. Working From Home..”

Professional Development Is More Important than Ever

Whether you’ve been a business partner for years, or you’ve just begun your journey into the top end of business, professional development is likely one of the last tasks on your mind. With so many business needs pulling you in multiple directions, it can be easy to forget to spend time developing yourself. However, taking timeContinue reading “Professional Development Is More Important than Ever”

With Working from Home Here to Stay, Expect These 5 Things to Change…

Copied this article for you…. I think it’s spot on and relevant…. This article was written by Mitchell Terpstra, a member of the Entrepreneur NEXT powered by Assemble content team. Entrepreneur NEXT is our Expert solutions division leading the future of work and skills-based economy. If you’re struggling to find, vet, and hire the right Experts forContinue reading “With Working from Home Here to Stay, Expect These 5 Things to Change…”

Chris Walker Innerwealth Daily Power Hour … Absolutely Unique..

In 2010 Chris relocated his entire business back to Australia and decided to focus purely on inspiring individuals through coaching. His motto became “changing the world one heart at a time.” This shift came at a conference. He was speaking to over 1,000 people and asked for a show of hands “Who thinks this companyContinue reading “Chris Walker Innerwealth Daily Power Hour … Absolutely Unique..”


One who hopes that others will believe in them, while they doubt themselves is destined for smallness Chris Walker Hard headed stoic determination can give way to uncertainty in the journey to find a middle ground for communication at work. 360 degree feedback loops and HR obsession with placating the lowest common denominator make itContinue reading “LIFE AND WORK IS AN ADVENTURE WE HELP YOU LIVE IT TO THE MAX”


Confidence and Self belief form the backbone of stress management. Once either of these are gone, stress multiplies and usually impacts people around you in the most negative of ways. They say they understand, but they don’t, they resent it. Your stress is not my stress The first step in sustainable confidence and self-belief isContinue reading “YOU ARE AMAZING – WE HELP MAKE THE JOURNEY SAFE”