How Do I Know Myself Better?

Individuality is the key to success. The more you appeal to the opinions of others, the more bland, beige you become. If your mission is to be incredibly good at being ordinary, then, listen to the opinions of the ordinary.

Extraordinary people break the patterns. Break the moulds. You might choose to be extraordinary but if you do what others do because it’s “normal” then there is no extraordinary. There is only boring. Do you want that?

I coach extraordinary. My life is the mirror of what I coach. I believe in being you. I am not you, you are not me. This is the unique characteristic of being coached. You are asking for help to guide you on a road no one has ever taken. That’s why my coaching is totally unique. It’s yours. Only you.

There’s no solace in being someone else. Nor is there inner peace in emulation. There is only joy in your soul when you, your mind, your body and your actions align with your soul purpose. This is what you seek. This is what I coach.

It’s not for everyone. Some people love being normal, conventional, eating at 6pm, having eggs for breakfast. Vacuum on Friday, wash on Tuesday. If you want to follow that road, no need for coaching. My path is unique. Your path is unique and I’m absolutely obsessed with making sure you find it and stay on it.

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