The Importance of Understanding Different Mindsets

Business people learn powerful techniques to grow their business. One of the most important of those is critical analysis of all aspects of production, delivery and accounting for product/service delivery. The more powerful the process, the better the business. But I wonder how many business people realise that the absolute opposite is true at home, with family, relationships and personal growth. Flicking that switch might just be the most important element of an MBA, and sadly the most ignored.

Lovers and romantic types learn powerful techniques to build their relationships. Making others happy is one of those techniques because a happy partner is always a dependent one. But I wonder how many romantic types realise that the absolute opposite is true in business/work. Giving others what they want and satisfying other people’s needs is a sure pathway to business failure/career failure. In business it’s the need for the unemotional delivery of results that counts.

It is often the complexity of trying to be “authentic” in life that messes us up. Really it’s about the ability to morph and adapt through flexibility in mindsets that can bring us to our best in all areas of life, not just one.

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