Nature Based Life Coaching

Alignment with nature is a gift. It is everything. Health, happiness, success, love, friendship, family and leadership. But it is not easy. So much comes between us and these nature based gifts. I visualise it being an explorer crossing through the Blue Mountains of Sydney before their were trails. And yet, there were people living in the Blue Mountains for thousands of years who knew the way already. We sometimes just don’t know how to ask.

After 40 years running business, being in relationships of all shapes and sizes, sitting in ashrams and monasteries, attending ceremonies and workshops, adopting different philosophies from books and teachers, living life as a free spirit, I came to only one fixed answer to the challenges of living in tune with nature. And that is “Ask Nature.”

  1. Ask Nature for Directions. A fight with nature cannot be won. We are nature. Even at our worst, in a rogue state, we are still nature. Nature bankrupts, divorces, abuses, destroys and builds, loves, helps, makes good. Nature is all this. We just need to ask the right questions to get us to where we want to go. Don’t get distracted, hold your questions with nature, answers always follow.
  2. Don’t fight nature. If we ask directions and get the answer, there is no need to be distracted. When we are tired on the journey, that is a sign to take a break not find a substitute trail. Try not to “power through” the tiredness. It’s nature’s way to say, “recuperate and prepare for the next.” Don’t force it, follow nature’s signs.
  3. Be patient with nature. Everybody thinks their watch tells the right time and so we often set our watch to achieve our goals on an incredibly intense time frame. Nature doesn’t always follow your time, she has her own. Don’t give up just follow nature’s time.
  4. Focus on cause not effect. Tsunami are the effect, cause is plate tectonics under the sea in sudden shifts. Focus on cause in your life and the effect will follow. If you focus on effect, you disconnect from nature. Stay connected, focus on cause.
  5. See life with nature’s view. There is an emotional view of life. There is a human view of life. There is a maternal view. A paternal view. There is a religious view, a spiritual view. Nature’s view is something else. Nature’s view is eternal. It is the view that sees order in all chaos. From stars and galaxies, to ants and atoms. The same order to the same apparent chaos. Change your glasses, see with nature’s eyes.

The true gift of my coaching is alignment with nature. This truly saves alot of fighting. It doesn’t guarantee everything you want when you want it. But it does save time and wasted energy.

In your coaching I will ask you where you want to go? I mean if you are crossing the Blue Mountains for example, where to and why. That’s important. Where you want to go is the most important question a coach can ask and it must come purely from your heart. If you lie to yourself by adhering to other people’s values and expectations, nature will deliver you to where you ask, it just may not be what you hoped.

In your coaching I wlll, as nature intends, ask you to rise above your feelings. Your feelings are self limiting. This viewpoint will take time. You will need a period to achieve this. 30 Days is the norm.

Then, we will progress to clearing your mind of debris that may have accumulated from the journey so far in life. What do you need to carry forward and what can you leave behind? This is important to lighten the load.

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