Your Heart and My Heart Are One

Dear World,

Over this past six months you have demonstrated your beauty in such a magnificent way that I am drawn to my heart like never before. I have seen you burn your forests to make way for the future. I have seen you dry the land to rejuvenate it and give it a break. I have seen you flood the land to make new growth fertile and I have seen you bring a viral challenge to the world’s inhabitants to make them stronger. Dear World, I have witnessed you giving and taking, like any mother, to create the future. I have also seen the animals that are blessed to be nourished by you rage and kill like a protective rhinoceros charging the innocent with a sharpened horn. I love this world you are. This world you have created to house us. For us. You have also created us. And I love that we think that we think. That we rage against diversity. That we fight to control you. I keep my heart open to you and to the bullies you created to challenge complacency. I keep my heart open to gut wrenching conflict. I see us learning. I see us struggling. I see our thinking holding us from experiencing your beauty. Our free will. The rogue shark that kills a man. The rogue boy who shoots his school mates. The rogue fanatic who bombs. The rogue artist who paints. The rogue reporter who writes with poison. I see your beauty even in these rogues.

But sometimes I want to change you, and my heart closes. My head defeats my heart. Sometimes I am the rogue. Sometimes I want to fight a bully. To protect the innocent. To equalise the imbalance. To pacify the angry. To educate the ignorant. To calm the righteous. To stop the greedy. Sometimes I forget your beauty and want to make you more beautiful. And in that judgement I turn to my fellow humans and judge them. I judge their disloyalty. I judge their cruelty. And with that judgement I judge myself. And with that judgement my heart is shut for a moment in time. And then I am lost. I become a part of the problem. I become a piece of the puzzle not the solution. And for that, the world is worse. So, I have learnt, and I know my duty. To keep my heart open. That’s the work.

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