Fear or Intuition?

The sea was calm. We’d slept the night on a deserted beach. Too many mosquitos for a real night sleep. We were knackered from a massive paddle the day before in our heavy ocean kayaks. Tents, food, water, sleeping gear, safety systems, added to the 25kg weight of the kayaks themselves. Sleek designs still needed manpower to send them through the big seas that day. This morning, after breakfast, we were heading back to the beach where we’d parked the cars days earlier. Our intent was to be back at work by noon. A quick adventure midweek hoping not to be missed. After repacking and launching the kayaks we headed out to sea around an island well off shore and down the coast. But something felt strange this day. We spoke about it. There was a feeling like we’d forgotten something. What was it? a sort of foreboding that something was wrong. We checked our boats, all seemed fine. We did a radio check with the coast guard. No worries. But we were nervous. Both of us. We’d paddled thousands of km together. We knew each other well. Most of what we did out at sea we didn’t need to speak about. It was intuitive between us. But this morning there was another feeling. Was it fear. We were both experienced in ocean paddling. There was nothing to fear more than normal. Or so we thought. And then we saw it. A massive fin. At least 1 meter high and the tail fin at least 4 meters behind it. Tearing through the surface of the ocean coming straight toward us. We had no defences. As if a submarine was driving underwater straight at us with its torpedo fired and the tower out of the water. It was impossible to guess the speed but certainly more than 40km/hr. We froze. silence. it came at us. We readied for the attack. Waited and watched. I shit my pants. Then 10 meters away it went below the surface and under our kayaks. This massive shark was the width of a car. A great white shark. 6 plus meters long. Was that feeling we’d been speaking about all morning the premonition of this? Did our intuitions know that there was something wrong? Did we sense a shark and that was what we were feeling? Or did we both fear something and attract the shark. Sharks feel fear. After a minute sitting perfectly still, not even speaking to each other, paddles out of the water. Not wanting to make a single splash that could be confused for a fish, we automatically hit the accelerator and powered to the nearest beach. Here’s the rub. When a clients tells me what they are worried about I am asked to help them discern whether they are right or not. Is it their intuition saying “you are going to be fired” or is “being fired” a fear? It is a really important question because if it is a fear, then it will definitely come near, like the shark, people smell fear. We go in the direction of our dominant thought and what we fear we attract. On the other hand, an intuition is a critical human skill. What if they are getting fired and their intuition knows it? Well, if it’s intuition, best they act on it. If it’s fear and they can’t control it, then best they act on it. Either way, intuition and fear, both predict the future. To separate them I need calm. I need to feel the calm of stillness. When I feel the calm, the strength of heart within a person, there is no fear. If there is no fear, then all is intuition, and intuition can then be trusted. Not more than 1 person in 1,000 can find this on-the-go calm. Only by living consciously do we find it and experience the inner calm state. To bring this state to work, you need to understand life. This is why I call Nature’s Universal Laws the only mobile meditation process on earth. You can even get to use it in sport. Helicopter view.

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