There’s a certain energy about a person who brings their whole spirit to work. It’s an enthusiasm beyond a daily hype and certainly beyond fear.

REAL Spirit means “beyond hype” and therefore sustainable enthusiasm.

What’s one of the first things clients and team members see of you before they even speak to you? Your Energy. Your energy is that one thing people notice about you. Although that might be something you haven’t focused on improving, it can make or break you. That’s because energy is not just mere decoration, it’s the statement that builds the first impression. Your energy is your personal brand and is the visual cornerstone of your work. That’s why I, at REAL Spirit, are committed to helping YOU stand out by creating handcrafted routines for self-leadership with your unique personal touch.

  • Helps clients quickly identify and remember you
  • Adds a personal touch to your personal and professional brand — a clever way to show your personality
  • Draws attention to you and helps you stand out amongst others in your industry
  • Communicates a more ‘premium’ feel to your name
  • Most of all — create a sense of trust with your customers and colleagues

It’s a seal of confidence that your audience immediately notices — a true display of your significance. With your one-of-a-kind masterfully developed, thumbprint specific signature routine, you are in command. 

You deserve a beautifully handcrafted routine for your day. You deserve Real Spirit Energy.

You wake in the morning, jump out of bed and just can’t wait to get to work… this is the nursery rhyme people are going to sell you. But the reality of REAL spirit of work is different!!! Try this:

  • You wake in the morning, and have the family at heart. You need exercise because you know that if you leave it until after work you’ll be knackered.
  • You also know that your spiritual self needs morning peace, stillness, soul time so you need another half an hour before the kids wake.
  • You also know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day.
  • You also know that if you ignore your spouse you’ll end up single
  • You also know that you’ve got to be at work on time for a meeting.
  • You also know that you’re tired from late night last night and a glass of red.

That’s REAL. That’s the real life of a human at work. So, REAL Spirit means this:

  1. You get all your morning commitments and duty to self completed in 30 minutes with a powerful quality.
  2. You get to work on time (5 minutes early is the new on-time).
  3. Your family feel you, your partner feels you, your heart is open and love abounds in your home.
  4. You turn up 110% at work already fulfilled, inspired and happy. Work adds nothing. You’ve already got satisfaction.

REAL Spirit at work unloads the self-leadership burden to make living a balanced and happy life realistic. We don’t present platitudes. We present distilled, evolved, and smart ways to achieve all your morning routines, get to work, do your work and then turn up at home, 110% recovered at the end of the day.

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