Inspired by Nature: Strategies for Change Leadership

A Fight with nature cannot be won

— Chris Walker

There is no room in change leadership for rigidity or disempowerment. The change leader must be resilient in both their personal life and in their confidence of the strategies they employ.

Adaptable – Resilience

Often, adaptable and resilience are separated into two different and often opposing human positions. Adaptable meaning for many, the ability to listen and move with the majority while resilience can be interpreted as the ability to stand strong in the face of danger or challenge or hurt or pain.

Neither of those definitions work: Adaptable means that a Plan B, a strategy can be modified for the benefit of opportunity. Resilient is another word of resolve, and refers to the result.

  • Adaptable in process
  • Resilient in outcome

Adaptable in Process

In an era of rapid change micro management is impossible. However, to fully embrace this idea, those we engage with must be better than average. Average performers do average work which in change leadership is taking us right back where we started. The purpose of change is improvement and to improve, the process has a built in opportunity to do this better, faster and happier. (the three are always connected). Therefore, the level of inspiration in the heart and mind of those we delegate process to must be unquestionably high, motivation just leads to addiction and mundane performance. Inspire the individual. Is the first step to adaptable in process.

Resilience in Outcome

For 40 years i have had only one single life purpose. During that time I have had a thousand visions, six thousand goals, 20 million ambitions and more… you see, the size of your vision in change management determines the quality of your outcome, and that outcome must stand the test of time. Your goals and visions are transient at best, and may or may not be subject to the whims of nature and the environment (Covid19).

5 Strategies for Self-Leadership in Times of Change

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