Debriefing the Book Reclaiming Your True Nature: 1. Finding Solace in the Spirituality of Nature

In studies undertaken during the time of Covid19, (including Harvard University) the internet searches for “Spirituality, God, Mohamed, and Jesus” have skyrocketed. It seems in times of uncertainty we do seek solace in something other than success, money and material wealth: faith.

But for many, faith in a higher power, a God as such by any name, has lost its gloss. Organised religions have demonstrated that they are as much the cause of human suffering as they are the cure.

Rather than shrink in faith, a reverence to the universe is an opportunity to expand and grow a bigger less human controlled connection to faith. If the viewpoint of the universe is big enough, then all religions play a minor role within it. Rather than polarise to the opposite of organised religion, the universe provides an opportunity to embrace it, but not be limited or reactive to it.

The voice of the universe is spoken through nature. A fight with nature cannot be won and this is the premise of the opening Forward of the book.

It is therefore the decree of nature to cultivate for people self-awareness. Make yourself a power in your day, if not in the world. Workout your own destiny. Be an architect of your own life on earth first.

From Reclaiming Your True Nature

Nature in this paragraph refers to the universe expressed in the observable phenomenon of nature. Self-awareness becomes key. But this self is not random. It is not the “invention” of a madman or woman. It is a self that has alignment with nature.

Becoming an architect of your own life on earth is, rather than a process of seeking satisfaction, a communion with the elements of nature that make you – you. Finding your purpose, your calling, the combination of all your attributes that make you unique and special. These are not always conventional, but they do certainly, when combined to a central mission, become a power.

Learn self-reliance. Keep wholly within bounds of right dealings with all others, and then you will be able to show a generosity with the things self-fullness has accumulated. You cannot give what you haven’t got.

From Reclaiming your True Nature

This self-reliance is the central theme of all spiritual teachings no matter what their dimension or origin. The greatest corruption to joyful living is to bend in the direction of the opinions of others. In particular this is most confronting when we lose our way and have a spouse as a guiding light. Nothing can be more likely to cause the loss of authenticity and yet, we beg for a partner in life who can be a muse. This is not possible. Guidance must be as cold as nature herself.

Many theorists believe that the ultimate end of civilisation is a calm and beautiful peace. The reply to this belief is the assault the nature makes on peaceful people. Peace inactivity leads to weakness and death. Sickness and disease – ill health is caused by inactivity, not the excess of it. Today, we seek rest, television and easy food, and there are 8000 diseases, and as many remedies.

From the Book Reclaiming Your True Nature

Mental health problems, stress, anxiety, anger, hate, disease and the list goes on, are simply displays of arguments with nature, times where “self-reliance” has been sacrificed in the name of others. When a parent becomes more devoted to the child than themselves, when a leader gives more to others than they give to themselves, the martyr is born and the fight with nature begins.

Reclaiming Your True Nature – A Course in Self Leadership

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