I’ve lost my motivation … how do I get it back and keep it?

How long would it take to live your life all over again?

Chris Walker

My job is to help people be happier, better, faster. It’s often tough love but this is also important, to save time.

To wonder and explore the future and to become happier, better, faster daily we must often get past what we know. This is a block and it needs to be unlocked so we can improve, be happier.

It is said in the east that the first thing to be learned is to unlock what has already been learned and then unlearn it. This unlearning is what is called real knowledge, wisdom. In other words, we have to learn how to become a good student, to let go easily.

Happier and better means to change our perception. To see a person and say, “that person is bad”, is learning. To see further, and recognise something good in that person, is unlearning. When you see the goodness in someone you have already called bad, you have unlearned. You have see with two eyes. You learn by seeing with one eye; then you unlearn and see with two eyes. This makes the learning complete.

It requires humility which means losing our individuality, that individuality which has been collected and accumulated. To surrender to the awareness that one’s ideas and opinions are just a collection of erroneous facts that, through conditioning or experience have been adopted as truth? They are simply collections of data and knowledge that need to be unlearned.

How can one unlearn all these stories that have been collected in a lifetime? It is said by some that the personality is engraved on the mind (and hence, that things cannot be unlearned). But I heartily disagree. For the sake of humanity, we all need to disagree. What we can do is add truth to half-truth. What has been learned is possibly only half the truth; we need to add the rest. Rather than take away, to unlearn is to add the missing pieces.

Happy Better Faster – Letting Go of the Past

We only hold onto the past because we think the future holds no hope, it’s a lack of abundance. We stay attached to people, places and stories because we fear, that in the future, there can never be anything as good as, as happy as, as kind as, as loving as, as bad as the past. The person who lives in the past lives in fear. This blocks happiness.


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  1. Seek Harmony
    • Nothing of the senses ever satisfied the soul, so what does? The answer is harmony. Listen to music and when there is harmony we are pleased. Disharmony makes us unhealthy. All disease has disharmony at its roots. Seek harmony. But what is harmony? If you look to music for answers it is incredibly complex. There are so many sources of harmony. But if you look to nature you will find it easily. Harmony is the rhythm of nature. This is translated to thought. Thoughts that are in harmony are beautiful. Thoughts that are not in harmony cause illness and stress.
  2. Celebrate Interconnectedness
    • That all things are somehow connected seeks trite at first but what if there is a forgetful mind that seeks what is missing? This forgetful mind – mindless – runs on autopilot and therefore operates from fear of the future and guilt of the past (the only two emotions). Mindfulness is therefore recognition that there is an interconnectedness between all things – cause and effect, order and chaos, support and challenge, masculine and feminine, loss and gain, pleasure and pain. Learn how to create this connection and you will have an open heart forever.
  3. Balance Your Mind
    • What is stress? It is an imbalanced thought. What is fear? An imbalanced thought. What is hate? An imbalanced thought. What is anxiety and depression? An imbalanced thought. What is judgement? An imbalanced thought… And, what is leadership? A balanced thought. What is love? A balanced thought. What is Success? A balanced thought? What is great health and longevity? A balanced thought. Can you see the immense benefit of learning how to balance your mind? It is a learnt skill.
  4. Evolveyabastard
    • Our bumpersticker. Are you stressed? Then Evolveyabastard. It may jump at you at first, but all the entire universe has one single song, Evolveyabastard. You want to stay one step ahead? Explain why things happen? You want to predict the future? You like to inspire people with their future? You will need the skills and sciences of Evolveyabastard. All the universe evolves at the border of order and chaos and the tighter you keep yourself to this border, the more you grow. Learn this skill and you will have less bad and more good luck in your aims for life.
  5. Inspiration
    • That there is an organising principle that governs the world is identical to the organising principle that governs your life, your heart. What is in your heart can be the central theme of your existence as long as you know what that is… and it is a multidimensional thing.
      • A Purpose… a far distant sense of intention for everything you do
      • A Vision … a closer navigation system that guides your actions and thoughts toward the love you have for what draws you into the long term
      • An Inspiration … a moment to moment connection between the love of life and your actions in life
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