2. All Nature Evolves at the Border of Order and Chaos

“Everything flows, out and in: Everything has tides: All things rise and fall: the pendulum swing manifests in everything: the measure of the swing to the right is the measure of the swing to the left: Rhythm compensates.” 

The Kyabalion.

All things evolve at the border of order and chaos. Expect this

That everything in nature has a purpose is self-evident. When we are in tune with that rhythm, our purpose, we feel gratitude, presence, certainty and love. This is what people are searching for all over the world, and it comes naturally when we finally become aware of the intention, the bigger picture of our lives. Life is meant to be lived with great happiness and this happiness must be experienced in context. If we are always viewing our life from a self-interest position, we are always healing and growing, never content. So grasping this last law is the pinnacle of self-development, finding a cause, a passion and love for something bigger than us. This is the key to happiness.

The second law of nature is that of evolution. Maximum evolution occurs at the border of chaos and order. Therefore, all things must grow and grow best with a magnificent blend of both challenge and support. 

This challenge and support can come invited, or not. Your business and your life both evolve along the border of chaos and order. You can’t avoid the law because it is universal. However, you are free to consciously choose challenge rather than avoid it.

Nature never grows continuously. She grows in surges, and your business and life will also grow in surges.

It means there will be times of quiet and some semblance of calm, and then there will be periods of chaos. The conscious individual will stimulate their life with chaos on a daily basis. In other words, they will invite or even create challenge, and at the same token, in their daily life they will create calm and tranquillity. The more an organisation can embrace both, and welcome them equally, the more it will stay on track and, therefore, the more profitable it becomes.

In a search for growth as a person the emphasis is not on questioning but on doubt.

This is significant because if you are asking intellectual questions, you are asking for a definite answer so that your problem can be dissolved. But you are really asking, let my doubts be cleared. And if you knew this you would not the asking them for answers, because the mind is always in doubt even after it has an answer it goes “I think there’s more.” Instead you would be asking for a transformation of your mind, because a doubting mind will remain at doubting mind no matter what the answers that are given to it. A doubting mind will remain a doubting mind no matter what intellectual knowledge is provided to it, the answers to the questions are really irrelevant. If you are given one answer and you have a doubting mind, you will doubt the answer. If you get another answer, and you have a doubting mind you will doubt that answer also. If you have a doubting mind, then a doubting mind means you will put a question mark on everything. To anything and everything that is presented to you, including love.

There was one man who woke up in a burning house. Someone yelled “fire – fire” – he woke and looked around in panic as flames began to engulf his home. He yelled “how did this happen? Why is the fire hot?” of course in the time he needed to get out he perished still trying to work out why.

How can doubts be cleared? Personal Harmony and contentment. It’s not an idea; it’s an experience.

“You must be the change you wish to see in the world.”

Mahatma Gandhi

To maintain your inspiration start by doing what you love and loving what you do. Just for arguments sake let’s block out your vision of the world so you can’t see your daily life any more. There’s nothing there. You are sitting here reading this great article then no matter who is around you, you are alone. Now, imagine. There are about 6 trillion stars in the Milky Way. Our Sun is one of them. And our planet goes around our Sun, just like all the other Suns have planets too. There are 50 billion galaxies like the Milky Way. So, if you do the math, your calculator will be unable to display the numbers because we aren’t normally built to think that big.


In every living day there is a need to evolve and grow. Challenges bring demand for growth and if we don’t grow, the first sign is physical and emotional stress (illness – mental and physical)

When one aspect of our life grows, others must follow otherwise we end up sick, stressed or worse, incompetent. To this end personal growth is not just an intellectual pursuit. There are, in staying on track in life, seven elements that must evolve on a daily basis and in total, it takes about 30 minutes a day to achieve it.

  • Letting Go
  • Cellular health
  • Environment
  • Values and Self
  • Vision and others
  • Self Talk and wisdom
  • Results

Each alone leads to improvement but those improvements are temporary. Sustainable change comes only with the change one change all philosophy.

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