Covid 19 – Work from home with intellect, intuition and inspiration

When you are working from home it is more important than ever to detect and monitor your state of mind when you work.

You are far better off to watch tv than to work in a state of got to or should do. Those states of mind will lower your immune system and produce a quality of work that will get you fired.

Whenever we function from these lower states of thinking we attract bad energy. Calamities, disasters and humbling circumstances and none could be more threatening that a virus.

You have three levels of writing; intellectual writing, intuitional writing, and inspirational writing. That’s ‘got to,’ ‘want to,’ and ‘love to.’ Ungrateful and grateful; doing it because something on the outside says you have to, or writing from the inside loving to come out. With ‘got to’ you have a lop-sided perception of pain or pleasure driving it, and you add or delete. In ‘love to’ they’re equal, and it’s flawless.

Our life can be the same way. If we are grateful, we get inspired, and have little editing to do. If we are ungrateful, we have lots of editing. To edit just means to add or subtract, to gain or lose.

The principle we see in writing we can also find in knowledge. If we listen to our inner voice, which is grateful and sees the balance, we have less editing to do in our lives. Less editing means we have less gain or loss in our knowledge, because we realise that we can’t gain or lose.

Inspired writing and living need no editing.

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