Putting Your Heart and Soul Into Work and Life Makes Good Sense

Chris Waker Innerwealth

Putting the heart and soul back into work and life changes everything. It builds a better world, stronger communities, better relationships and more powerful results. As far as I can see, “there’s no such thing as a half hearted success story.”

Putting the heart and soul back into work and life means those brave and inspired individuals will step forward and truly make a difference.

The mission is to help you grow. To be the best version of yourself and in so doing, make this world a better place. I believe that the key to this is in personal growth that leads by osmosis to human growth at all levels.

Heart and soul means good living, balanced living but it also means success. Business executives, sports stars, entrepreneurs, stage performers, athletes and youth over 35 years have witnessed it, if the heart goes out of it, we do too and that’s why life coaching is an essential part of real life success.

Putting the heart and soul back into work and life is more than meditation, it’s a lifestyle. My motto is “live with spirit” and that’s what I believe makes the difference between struggle and enjoyment in life. Spirit is enthusiasm, calm, happiness, success all humbly combined to reach beyond the mundane.

My mission is to “change the world one heart at a time” and it works. The best change is when you, one individual, decides to live consciously, be coached to stay inspired and follow their star.

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