Thinking Too Much Can Ruin a Great Relationship

Sometimes people feel they are missing out when they are in a relationship because even though the couple talks about everything, that home grown self therapy becomes the new definition of relationship, and they rightly feel that their life is not sexy or intimate anymore. This happens because we think too much.

Love is not thinking, it’s feeling, and when anxiety, stress, worry, problem solving, the new kitchen, the kids school and where you’ll spend your holidays next this thinking become the replacement fodder for a relationship, and the quality control has gone.

Feelings are behind words. Feelings even impact cooking and can turn small acts into acts of kindness or turn good acts into cruelty. Feelings are never hidden behind lies and words. Frustration from work, jealousy of a parent being too involved, anger about judgements of each other, disappointment by comparison with the neighbours, criticism about anything and judgement which is the worst of it. 

So we are accountable for our relationships because we are the generator of feelings both our own and others. You might think you can hide or fake feelings but I’m here to say, every single person on earth can intuit your feelings, even when they are not aware of it.

To manage your feelings is the key. To be authentic and genuine 24/7 is the aim.

Why is getting your own feelings in order important for a loving relationship? Well, there is a certain relaxed calm that descends over a person who has found their true nature. There is an inner power, the heart that’s open and it gives a radiance; a constant feeling of love that seems to come from you. You can see it when people fall in love

There is a silent power surrounding them. When a person has found love – it is a personal spirituality, they have become content with themselves and someone else, and then their energy becomes infectious. Just as negativity can be infectious so the positive energy of an in-love person can become infectious. We know this all too well. But it is not love of the mind or intellect; it is real love from the Soul.

The only question we have is “How Long Will It Last?”

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