Emotions have no place in business. Emotions are for romance, fantasy and life. Work is work. There are only three emotions you are encouraged to have at work. They are:

1. Gratitude for the past…. this means you are thankful for every singe day that every came your way from birth to now, and there are absolutely no mistakes, errors or regrets.

2. Inspiration … That means you are 1,000% turned up, turned on, in the moment, 1,000% focussed on what you are doing. This is extremely spiritual. You must be able to filter distraction, have a single focus. Learn to listen extremely proactively. Body posture is #1 but, I say “Balance your mind, Centre Your Body, Calm (intensity) your nerves.

3. Vision … first and foremost ask your boss what they want from you… that’s the only vision you are worried about. Then, ask how does getting their vision happening make your vision happen… This is really simple we call it Linking… Dumb it down… what will make your boss and boss’s boss happy, and then ask how does making them happy, make me happy. (happy means get what you want long term in life)

4. Enthusiasm … this is energy, prana, lifeforce, Qi, Chi, Mojo, power, call it what you like… it’s juice… and this is where most people blow up. Energy isn’t emotional ups and downs like a 5 year old. It’s more like Bruce Lee, Kung Fu, or the Trump Stare. Whatever, it’s a calm, strong, enthusiasm somewhere between feeling down and feeling up. If you had to karate chop a brick or lift a world record barbell, or do a poop when you’re constipated, this is it.

The ACRONYM is G.I.V.E Gratitude for the past, inspired by whatever you are doing, Vision linked and Enthusiasm not orgasm…

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