Billionaire, Millionaire or Broke?

Inner wealth determines outer wealth. What are you worth, to yourself but most importantly others?

Anything that increases your value to self or other increases your inner wealth.

You can tell the difference between what you think you are worth to others and what you are actually worth by their level of enquiry. You might think your kindness is valuable but do people ask you for it?

What you give for free doesn’t count. That’s self gratification. It’s important to self- gratify. But value, inner wealth is not self gratified value. A lemon tree that thinks it’s an oak is a lemon tree.

If you have a shop and the shelves are full of stock to sell but nobody comes to buy then this is identical to valuing your heart or kindness or devotion to your job or sport but nobody comes to buy it. Where is the problem?

1. Advertising. If the only person who knows what’s in your shop is you, then that’s self- gratification and not inner wealth.

2. Service. If you are delivering friendliness but people want hard cash you might be selling the thing you love to give but delivering it in the wrong packages. What you wrap things in needs to service the client’s need, not your own passion. Your own passion is not your inner wealth.

3. Upside down. Sometimes we deliver to others what we most want for ourselves. Let’s say we feel let down by people so we don’t trust people anymore. So we start giving trust to others in order to be able to trust them. We can easily get it upside down but giving to get. Better to sort that out for yourself and then ask people “what do you want?” Then see if you can supply it.

All this is nature. Let me demonstrate in language of trees.

1. A tree needs birds. It needs sun. It needs water and nutrients. It’s leaves, seeds and roots are designed to present themselves for attraction. It wins by advertising not self gratification nor anxiety. If there’s no market for what the tree sells, it dies.

2. If the sun rises in the east but the tree puts all its leaves to the south, sunlight can’t find the tree. The tree could work harder to deliver leaves and get paid with sunlight but if the service is aimed only where the tree is -“passionate” about putting leaves, well, dooms day.

3. If a tree starts giving water in order to attract water, then potentially survival is possible but the give to get is really dishonest and therefore highly vulnerable for breakdown (not sustainable) better the tree self manage and then deliver excess from a place of strength.

Chris Walker
Human Development Specialist +61 417209636

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