1. Desire is absolutely essential to the progress of life. Even those who teach desirelessness are expressing the great human desire for rest and relaxation. Desirelessness is a desire.
  1. Desire exaggerated becomes a craving, To properly use desire you must study the beauty and the advances of that which will give you the most pleasure and profit combined with the greatest good to the greatest number of those around you. Desire that excludes those around you will burn you, consume you.
  2. Desire that includes others – and their advancement will never do great harm.

Appetite is always the result of Desire, desire can be aroused in all five planes. Appetite can only be applied on 3 planes, animal, mind and moneterary.

  1. To keep appetite alive and healthy it must never be gratified to the full. The maximum peak of enjoyment is found just before complete satisfaction. This applies to all five elements of life, air, water, food, warmth and sex. To avoid absolute climax in any of these, produces the greatest possible profitable enjoyment.
  2. The appetite to learn eagerly is all always heightened when the subject holds more for you to absorb. When you think you know it all, it is surplus and it’s the same as over eating.
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