Ok, the truth is, “I don’t know what the f…k is going on” but nature does. I know nature, therefore I know you.

You might think your life is a magical mystery full of surprises. Rubbish. It’s as predictable as the sunrise. (get the App) …

You might think “if I feel this it will make a difference” rubbish. Who gives a shit what you feel? Only you… what other people feel about you, well that’s really going to make a difference.

If we are so obsessed with how we feel, we get so much mind noise we can’t even sleep at night. If we become frightened about what other people feel about us we won’t get up in the morning. Now we get sleep deprivation.

Do you want to stay in bed? Obsessing about what other people think about you will be the reason/ cause.

Do you struggle to get into bed? Obsessing about how you feel, “self obsession” is the cause of that. So what the f…k you going to do? Obsessing about your feelings is going to turn on you. Obsessing about what other people feel is going to turn you into a parrot.

Remember “envy is ignorance, imitation is suicide.” That’s truth.

Maybe there’s another point of focus…


Listen to “Arni” speak it…