Future Seeing – Tapping the Subconscious Mind – Common Examples

The universal sea, the sub-mind, has the future seeing power of all forms of life. However, some have mastered this skill better than others. On occasion we all come up with a bright idea but do we follow it or let is slide with uncertainty or even embracement at the strangeness of it? Most great inventors tap the sub-mind and draw secrets from it.

All genius in every profession are of necessity able to make use of the sub-mind. Many detectives master this skill, where the facts are hidden, emotions and senses lie, evidence is scarce but they follow a hunch and put small pieces together to solve a puzzle.

Business leaders who have gone from rags to riches are blessed with the power to tap the sub-mind. Ideas flow into their brains and they act on them. It is genius that succeeds and the reasoning mind that fails in nine out of ten cases.

Preachers monks and healers also fit the genius category from time to time but there are 99 in 100 that do not. Those 99 are educated, smart, capable people who have operation in the first and second layers, but do not tap genius in the sub mind, Such people are neither believable nor effective in their work. For every 200 professional speakers who stand and entertain audiences on TED talks only a few touch us at the sub mind level and these are the truely inspired ones.

There are many classes of artist but only one class that produces creative work. Others are copyists. Artists know the state we call the day dream, wrapped up in deeper thought while the world on the surface sails past. Day dreams really do have a cash value.

Creative writers require seclusion. In order to tap the powers of the sub-mind they often work in the small hours of the night. Books that are born in the sub mind become landmarks in the progress of the human race.

Do you recognise this sub-mind state? I can assure you that it does not exist while doing yoga or meditation. That is not the sub-mind.

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