Future Seeing – Tapping the Ocean of the Subconscious Mind

Future seeing is a faculty, a skill, it is not a gift. Some say I am gifted to know what people are thinking, this is not true. I studied and learnt how to use this faculty. When somebody lies to me I know it. When they are infatuated with a truth I feel it. This is a skill, not a gift.

That all human eyes are turned to the future is self evident. All motivation and inspiration that causes human behaviour is based on the future: either a fear of it, concerns for it or appetite to create it. This is known.

Faculty Building #3. Skills

To communicate mind to mind I must be without my own emotion. If there is noise in my mind then what am I hearing other than my own projections of fear and guilt (the foundation of all emotion). I must be clear. If I am not clear, then I am not receiving or broadcasting “on station” and this is why we must know ourselves well in order to differentiate between noise and the third layer of thinking, the akash, the universal mind, the subconscious mind.

It has been shown that the subconscious mind, the universal sea imports future-seeing powers to countless forms of animal life. One of the functions of this sub-mind is to look ahead. Of course it contains all the past and all the present: but it also knows what is coming. You might ask – “how can any power know what is coming when it has not happened?” The answer is simple. Every single event, everything of the future from right from now to the end of time comes down to a cause. The result of a cause now is the future tomorrow. Nothing can happen without a cause. We can sometimes figure out the effect of causes that are transpiring about us today: but a keener power than ours is able to fit every effect into its cause, and this is as absolute a certainty as any process in nature.

If this sub-mind is able to inform birds and animals of the approach of a very severe winter, even when the days are the balmiest in summer, it must have access to causes at work in this moment, and must be able to deduce their effects. This is a mathematical certainty of higher process. By the same powers, I can teach you how to look ahead, not to guess your future and fortunes, but to deduce it.

It would be ridiculous to suggest that humans are less qualified to to look to the future than animals, birds and beasts.

But it is not a gift.

It is not super-normal.

It is not of the spirit or spiritual world. It is a plain faculty, yet, for most, dormant. However, it is coming into use more and more as time shortens and errors become more consciously transparent that someone guessed the future, relying on probability laws. The compression of time means such guesswork will be outlawed.

Future seeing is the most important use of the mind. The past has gone. We know the present and it is too late to change it. But the future holds all value to us. We need its knowledge. Millions of men and women look up their future in the astrology pages of cheap magazines, they give over their powers to fortune tellers, internet “influencers” and worse, friends with opinions. Hope for the future is sold in every product on the shelves, it is the cheapest and most expensive deliverable on earth. All based on guesswork. Future-seeing follows the same process of reaching results that the creative mind must of necessity follow. As far as it can be use, it is the process of certainty.

Look with the eyes of a detective. Watch what people do and see where it will lead. Listen to what people say, and see what it will attract. We can develop a skill in this, as long as we are not in critical judgement of them.

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