BE R.E.A.L in your life. It saves you time and money, and just imagine a world in which the vast majority of us lived life BEING REAL – living according to the principles of nature, we would be at peace with ourselves and with each other.


  1. REALITY…. Reality is more beautiful than fantasy. Instead of living life you don’t like and dreaming about life you do like, why not live the life you do like and dream the life you don’t like. Imagine for example, living the rest of your life wishing you were somewhere else, avoiding reality, then, see how beautiful it is to have your real problems. It puts things in context instead of wishing for what you haven’t got, wish for what you’ve got.

2. ENERGY … Energy grows mostly from your ability to work though those things that bring you down to your lower self. Kindness, generosity, compassion, thankfulness belong to your higher self and build your energy. Greed, anger, fear and guilt belong to your lower self and destroy energy. It may be wise to embrace the former set, they are, in REAL LIFE, your true nature and are the essence of your greatness. Sometimes it’s harder to be in the higher minded set, reaction and lower mind is always easier, but lower mind sucks energy from you and others, it drains the lifeforce out of you, and destroys whatever is created by it. Better to EVOLVE through the frustrations of life and save your energy for better things.

3. ATTITUDE … Attitude makes you powerful. What you appreciate grows, what you don’t appreciate – depreciates. Be aware of your judgements of self and others. Work to show your appreciation for them. An Attitude of Gratitude is powerful, an attractive force. This means to love it before you leave it. If you can appreciate it the way that you’ve got it, you’ll get it the way that you want it. This is abundant thinking, specifically what you’ll experience in the presence of successful people, champions, entrepreneurs and great parents. Abundance and attitude of gratitude for what you’ve got go hand in hand. Nothing is missing from your life, it can however, change form. This is an essential mastery of BEING REAL.

4. LIFE .. Life goes according to a certain rhythm, a rhythm you can control. Having REAL expectations of life, living according to nature’s universal laws, bring you to the highest of happiness, love and success. False expectations lead you into disappointment. Disappointment is more painful than any other pain, it is suffering, hell on earth. If you want to make a hell of a profit and have a devil of a good life, and still go to heaven, have REAL expectations and there will be no wicked surprises.

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