Trust Your Gut

Trusting people makes you weak. Trusting yourself makes you strong. The only question “what part of you is trustable?”

Chris Walker

Emotions cannot be trusted. Feelings are fickle and short term. Goals are cold and dehumanising. Religion has the devil built into it. You must learn what to trust, and which voices are reactive and therefore untreatable, and which voice is the one that you can trust 100% of the time.

For many years Corporations have made the mistake of compartmentalising the development of leadership with the aim of increasing performance and yet, the total human being, the one who engages and interacts at work and at home, the heart, quality of life, relationship and other aspects being a real and total person have been ignored. As we enter an era of hyper accelerated decision making for leaders the demands on individuals to bring their total capacity to work, achieve demands, perform under pressure and come home happy will skyrocket. We must recognise that development of soft skills in leadership behaviour has never been more important for both the leader and the led. New Leadership, an evolutionary leader, must be engaging and motivate at a sustainable human level, they must include connecting to the heart of those they lead, they will not success unless they inspire creativity and there is a deepening need to embrace emotional needs of the non rational intellect. It all means we need a new understanding of “the Total Human Dynamic.”

1. START WITH THE SMALL FISH (consistency is better than unpredictable and variable)

This takes a serious commitment. Not a heavy commitment but a real determination. It all has to do with your willingness to control your own energy. This commitment doesn’t require doing a lot of big things; instead it’s the simple things that, together, are the most effective. These simple things are the little moments in-between, when you slowly build a different pattern. Like anything that you practice, if you try to be simple and regular about this every day, then you take the steam out of the big moment and the blow up points become less critical. 

2. Avoid Templates, Rules, Dogma and Culture Casting

The bullshit radar is up. People are so repulsed by prescript, culture statements, values lists. Where’s the leadership in that. Evolutionary leadership is not talking about a different philosophy and dogma. Nor, whether you are Hindu, Jewish, Muslim, a Christian or a Buddhist it makes no difference because the real people behind those philosophies are the same. So we can’t speak to values or culture statements that hide behind religion or earth bound philosophy, because this is only dealing with the personas, you’ve got to talk to the real person behind the mask. It starts with listening and being real.

3. Deliberately Disrupt – Break Patterns

To break patterns something must change and it is within our deepest thinking that we will find the source of that change. By welcoming disruptive thinking, you welcome new and diverse ideas and opportunities spring from this. Round table think tanks encourage crazy. Go to left field. Brain storm and thing out loud but most importantly, no criticism, no boundaries.

4. Smash the Righteous Fixed Idealism

When stories of righteousness abound, people self-destruct. Healing, growth and advancement are retarded. You can’t heal a depression and think the same thoughts after it. In fact, it is not what you think that causes depression but how you think. Changing how we think, both as an individual and in nations, confronts the old conventions. If there is any story about your past, that holds a positive without a negative, a support without a challenge, a good without a bad, a right without a wrong, anything that is not in perfect balance, you are going to live that story over and over and over until you get to grow out of it.

5. Allow yourself to be an Unlearning Person

The best decisions you’ll ever make come from unlearning. Why? Because wisdom trumps knowledge every time. It is said in the east that the first thing to be learned is to unlock what has already been learned and then unlearn it. This unlearning is what is called real knowledge, wisdom. Knowledge is learned from the outside – wisdom comes from within. In other words, we have to learn how to become a good student, to let go easily. To see a person and say, “that person is bad”, is learning. To see further, and recognise something good in that person, is unlearning. When you see the goodness in someone you have already called bad, you have unlearned. You have see with two eyes. You learn by seeing with one eye; then you unlearn and see with two eyes. This makes the learning complete. It requires humility, being humble. It means losing our individuality, that individuality which has been collected and accumulated. To surrender in the awareness that one’s ideas and opinions are just a collection of erroneous facts that, through conditioning or experience have been adopted as truth? They are simply collections of data and knowledge that need to be unlearned.

6. Be the Change You Want To Be In the World

The great quote from Gandhi “Be the change you want to see in the world” throws the full weight of self-development back at the world in a beautiful way. It means that if you do anything to inspire and improve yourself you inspire and improve the world. My job “to inspire human potential” is a mission “to change the world one heart at a time” and to walk the talk it starts with me, my morning dips at Bondi are just one of the many rituals I have to “be the change I want to see in the world” – it’s a big responsibility – starting with me. No anger, non violence, love, nature, kindness are just a few of my mantra – what are yours? I will inspire you to achieve them at home and at work?

7. Find Inner Stillness

Under pressure the voices in your heart and mind and body become intwined, the body wants pleasure, the head wants to “get it right” and the heart just … wel the heart just gives it all away. So, when we allow all three voice sources to compete, we get dizzy with uncertainty and self doubt. Be still – do it allot, hold silence once in a while, go to nature, swim… whatever you do where you are too busy to talk and yet not under pressure to be outside the moment you are in, will serve you greatly. Read this please