By handing the skills for life balance, personal mastery and self leadership to the individual, a fully balanced person arrives ready to play. Otherwise, radio active people, limit their engagement at work to antagonism. Mental, emotional and physical health are interconnected and Innerwealth Technology is focussed on handing the control of the three to every individual we work with. Inspiring the individual, building the team, supporting leadership through self-leadership.

Chris Walker

1. Great teams are great because of Individuality – not in spite of it

You and each person in your team are unique individuals. Applying frameworks helps each of you to manage and lead others but to keep yourself as an individual on track solutions must be tailor made, nothing about human development is generic – your needs are specific. In 2 Days on site or off site, done at once or split into 2,3 or 4 separate sessions, each individual will get tailor made solutions within the framework, a common language.

2. Great Teams encourage individuals to get outdoors – People are different in Nature.

There are great masters such as Emerson, Plato and many Asian Masters (Lao Tzu) who are convinced that if mankind lived life according to the principles of nature, then we would be at peace with ourselves and with each other. It’s a philosophy not uncommon in the ways of the East but has yet to be fully grasped by the western world. We are hoping this modern way of presenting this ancient theme will resonate with you, irrespective of your cultural or religious background.After studying behavioural science, diverse spiritual traditions, coaching and therapy, I do not trust religion, guru’s, philosophers or any new age self help book. I trust only nature.

3. Teams Trust Nature For Change Not Promises

Out in nature, people are great. Brilliant. They are visionary, generous, kind, open minded, compassionate and thankful. My work brings this greatness back to the urban jungle, to work, home, in love and relationship, in family and friendship. Disconnecting from our True nature brings about hurt, I’m committed to reconnecting people to their true nature and stopping the hurt, inspiring change, a recognition of the greatness in everyone, young and old.

“My eyes were opened to a new way of looking at life and more importantly myself.” – High profile Movie Director struggling with stress Director, Los Angeles, USA

4. Solve Interpersonal Team Problems Fast

The longer a problem sits with a team, the worse it gets. Rip the band-aide off. Problems grow tentacles. Where a work colleague might behave badly, when it affects you personally, you can bring that home, and it will eventually affect your health, your family and relationship. How to incubate problems, isolate them and solve them is mastery of change. This is what I share in workshops, keynotes, coaching and retreats. Mastery of change.

“Innerwealth is a reminder of what’s most important to us and how to get it. Innerwealth Inspired by Nature shows you how to overcome challenges, rekindle the flames of enthusiasm, open your heart and get down to being happy and inspired. It’s a great wake up call”. Overworked – Deloitte Senior Partner –

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