Chris Walker and Troy Jones combine to create this exciting new addition to the Fast, Sustainable Conscious Change Mastery Program. Exciting because the banter is really genuine and entertaining but the content is valuable and useable.

Many years ago I was driving home from my business in Melbourne listening to my radio and probably not fully sober (traditional drinks after work was our debrief time). Anyway, on the radio came a guy who was being interviewed about a new way of understanding yourself, Myer Briggs, and it sounded cool. I’d already been studying ecology and human nature since I was 14 so, I was intrigued about this “new way of seeing things.”

Next day, my PA booked the guy to come a do a workshop. It changed my life. It set a fire burning inside me to go out and teach people about being better at life.

You see, this guy we hired was a dickhead, and the Myer Briggs was good, so it was such an opportunity wasted. He had our hearts and minds ready and waiting but screwed it up with jokes and quotes from ancient philosophers. We paid him, said thanks, but i realised I was ready to move on. That radio show, the talkback interview, inspired me to do something, so I’ve been obsessed with podcasts ever since.

Troy Jones rang me and said, “Chris, you could do so much better for people if we made your podcasts interactive and more listener friendly.” He offered to interview me, edit the content by removing all the unnecessary ums, oh gee’s and f..k out of them. The result is amazing and I’m feeling that I’ve evolved my 35 year long commitment to deliver to the public, insight and inspiration about human nature.

Troy Jones and I combine to create this banter that is totally unscripted and yet, feeds off real questions from the listening audience.

“Hey, I just wanted to say that the new podcasts are amazing. So real and relevant. I am going to share them around as I think they’ll really help people.”

Exciting and real….

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