How Deep can You Go?

An insult is something that will reflect how deep you can go? React to an insult, that’s the end of your plumbing line. Agree that they are right, that’ll let the line go deeper. So, the person who feels jabbed, criticised, insulted, offended or challenged by another, reveals nothing more than the shallowness of their mind.

How high can you go?

Somebody praises you as a world champion, a global leader, a world’s best in any field and what is your response? Do you shy away from this praise? This reveals how high, how inspired you’re prepared to be. And, ironically, the two, the high and the low are married bonded in human consciousness.

How Inspired Can You Be?

As above so below is the religious metaphor that connects our darkest insult to our highest inspiration. How inspired you can be depends on how much of the “not so popular” human condition you can embrace and love in yourself. Can you cope with being called a liar, a cheat, a weak person, a loser? If not, you can’t sustain their opposite of “truthful, honest, strong, a winner.

Inspired we do not need to attract attention. We are attention. Inspired is when the inner voice speaks louder than the outer voices. There’s no need to negotiate your truth, you live and love it.

Test it…

Your Depth: can you say yes to all of these accusations about you?

Liar, cheat, harsh, cruel, mean, vindictive, absent, resentful, angry, cold, callous, hurtful, nasty, horrible…

Can you say, “yes, from time to time, that’s me.”

Your Height can you say yes to all of these accusations about you?

Inspired, genius, amazing, incredible, unbelievable, super, superb, beautiful, awesome, great and magic.

Can you say “yes, from time to time, that’s me.”

Live it

You do not have to be angry at people to love and accept your anger. More, you might fake it and not feel bad about it. You might feel it and use it for relaxation practice or commitment to your family. Angry people definitely don’t love their anger.

Love it

Human qualities are selectively accepted in diverse cultural environments. For example: at work someone might be bullshitting but if you say that you’ll be fired. Whereas at home, you might feel that your household culture permits those accusations. Love it means to see benefit and drawback equally for any human trait. It’s takes some homework and application, but it truly works.

With Inspiration


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