You and your purpose

A leaf flutters in the breeze – it has little say in its movement. Not traumatised by the ups and downs of its day, this leaf is a miracle of nature. Holding on to a branch it is free yet constrained by the stem that feeds it. If it let’s go, it simply returns to the earth to begin the cycle of birth life death in another form.

This stem is for you, your purpose in life. Money, relationships, people, jobs, beliefs, homes and identities come and go, but purpose holds us to the branch that feeds us. In this way we are free but not.

The leaf without a stem is gone – it must be recycled, it can serve nature and the universe no more in its growth cycle, it must be destroyed and separated into its fragments. We too…

Nature destroys anything that does not fulfil its purpose – including you. In fact, so deeply embedded is this rule of nature, you and I will sabotage anything we cannot link to purpose. (Even if we can not articulate it).

So rather than ask “what is my perfect job” it is wiser to ask “how can I like any job I have – to my purpose? And job can include: parent, partner, friend, citizen, individual, leader, lover and giver. The list is large.

For those who cannot rise to understand themselves in any other context than right and or wrong, good and or bad, success and or failure purpose articulation will be limited to the local reality of every day life. Our kids, our happiness, our relationship, wealth or family will become the obsession. These are not purpose – they are our motivations, goals and are all fear driven. They create drive but result in greed and fear based ambitions.

Just one step above this is purpose. A reason to be, greater than self.

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