Life in the Balance

For many years people from all walks of life have sought some sort of spiritual and personal solace from the rigours of work. It has been a painful journey because most have sought it in temples and places of isolation, creating even more conflict between reality and the isolated tranquility of retreat. Caves turned into temples and temples to health sanitariums and for the rich, health resorts in expensive and environmentally sensitive locations. None of this is wrong, it just doesn’t work in our modern day climate.

One thing all these efforts had at the core and in common was immersion in nature. It would seem that as we modernise our technology and transport we become separated from what calms and reboots is, and this is where the window of opportunity exists right now for you with this coaching.

I will bring nature to you. I will show you the ways of bringing nature to work, to love, to health, life and wealth creation so there is no separation, there is no loss of balance, there is only inspiration: balanced in, not by, all areas of life.

A great relationship, sustainable, romantic, resilient, supportive and healthy can only exist when the people in it are balanced in all seven areas of life. We, you and I, have evolved to a world of equality seeking humanity in which the old “I will balance you” paradigm has become abhorrent, dysfunctional and cruel. We need a new way to be in this world and I believe, through nature I can demonstrate this way without confrontation of individuality and personal adhesions to race, religion and culture.

We must start with the awareness “it’s not only what you think but how you think that is important” and from there begin to balance each of the seven areas of life as an individual to allow us each, to turn up in life, work and love, 100%.

This is the journey, a new path for sport, work, love and life. One that takes us back to our roots and forward to handle the magnificent opportunities of technology.

Let’s begin,

With inspiration


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