Inspired By Nature

People are different in nature: more generous, more open minded, more visionary and more creative. Why? Because the miracle and wisdom of the rhythm of nature lives within us all. When we let nature in, it reminds us of who we were and who we can be.

The perfection of nature, our own true nature, can be found in the tiniest leaf or the greatest mountain. You can find it rafting or just walking in a park. Most importantly is that you let nature find you.

By taking off your shoes, or by exposing your skin to the sun for a morning sunbake or swimming in the ocean or even hitting a ball across the net outdoors, nature is finding you, and you are finding nature and this is the secret formula to stress relief and recuperation.

The positive effects of exposure to nature have been reported for stress, mood, and executive functioning. In research scientists have investigated whether just viewing natural scenes can also improve self-regulation. In two studies it was found that beneficial effects of a short exposure to nature on lower order self-regulation, positive effects on mood and heart rate variability, (a physiological measure related to exertion of self-control and stress.) Importantly, beneficial effects of nature emerged even when participants had not been previously depleted, which challenges the current postulation that nature mostly has restorative benefits. We propose that nature might also have buffering or instorative’ effects.

It’s simply indisputable: we must get outside more, especially during the working day.

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In the Back on Track 30 Day Challenge we achieve so much in personal development by emphasising, the keys to immersion in nature before, during and after work.

We also do not advocate holidays as a once in a year opportunity to “go bush” – daily practices for 5 minutes far outweigh the benefits of holidays.

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