Corporate Career Challenges – Growing through Frustra

Frustra is Greek derivative of Frustration….describes the growth rings of a tree. In corporate life we must be aware that moving through a frustra at work also means change at home… this is important awareness.
  1. the feeling of being upset or annoyed as a result of being unable to change or achieve something.
    “tears of frustration rolled down her cheeks”
    synonyms: exasperation, annoyance, anger, vexation, irritation, bitterness, resentment; More
     the prevention of the progress, success, or fulfilment of something.
    “the frustration of their wishes”
    synonyms: thwarting, defeat, foiling, blocking, stopping, countering, spoiling, checking, baulking, circumvention, forestalling, dashing, scotching, quashing, crushing; More
All careers grow at the border of order and chaos. Such a border is called a frustra. You might have them daily, weekly or, and if you’re not on the ball, annually. A frustra, that starts as a niggle, becomes a life changing experience if it is not explored with awareness. Frustra reflect a time to grow, to evolve. If we don’t grow, we stagnate and stagnation leads to all trouble in life.
Growth Rings of your Career
We grow at the border of support and challenge – if you’re not challenged, you’re dead. Chris Walker
The holistic nature of work life balance leads us to be aware of the need to “grow” through a career frustra at home and in health too. A frustra is not limited to the area of discomfort, never.
We are given warning signs, taps on the shoulder by nature, and if we don’t respond those taps become 2 by 4 across the back of our head. Too many domestic crisis occur because we don’t respond to career frustra and visa versa. Chris Walker
Chris Walker Consciousness Cone
Warning signs of An Impending Frustra
A new day, a new job, a new boss and a new pay rise will have us saying “I love this job” and over time, as the frustra comes closer, as a new growth ring approaches, we will drop through wanting to go to work, to needing to go in order to pay the bills, to should go and finally got to go to work. Once we hit the “Got to” then the chances of moving to a better job or improving ourselves through self-leadership are nearly zero.

From Zero to Hero “love it before you leave it”

Frustra that build to “got to” trigger the stress response of “fight – flight” and ultimately, knee jerk reactions. In these time, I as a coach will suggest to my clients “stay put” – wonder and explore how to love where you are, before you leave. The time to move one job to the next is when you love your work. Then, you  have done your best and you don’t carry baggage from one job to the next. However, if we “hate” our job, we’ll simply attract it in the next one.

Growth through a Frustra – Nature’s Spirituality Applied

“Through it” on the other hand is a different experience. The real test is “are you thankful for “it?” Go through CHALLENGE, learn from it, welcome it, think about how to improve it but never get over it, because  that is dishonest with yourself. Never resent it, or blame it, never regret “it” happening. “It” whatever it is, is nature, guiding you to victory, to success, to happiness.
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