How Spirituality in Business Saves Lives

“A fight with Nature cannot be won”  Chris Walker
When we fight against nature we begin a process, a war that cannot be won. Either mentally or physically we will become corrupted and break down. We often refer to this as stress and give people leave, but that’s not the answer. Spirituality is. A fight against nature is always accidental. No one in their right mind would fight nature. It has over 8,000 known diseases and hundreds of mental health illness to attack the individual or organisation that attempts this brave ignorance. Although the word karma is associated with “self-help” and “eastern religion” there is a version of it that fits well in the conversation regarding the unexpected consequences of a fight against nature. There is always a cause and an effect. We might measure the effect in depressions, illness, fatigue, burn out and failure but we would be wiser to focus on the cause and eradicate it rather than just move it to somewhere or someone else.
Nothing affects the child more than the un-lived (unloved) life of the parent. Chris Walker
I worked in Canada for many years helping people from all walks of life manage stress. But the most challenging were indigenous youth. Challenging not because they were difficult, challenging because their homes were the environmental source of much of their troubles, and their homes were not easy to change. Sometimes, what we bring home from work, how we handle stress, impacts others both at work and at home in negative ways. Hence, small changes in the corporate arena lead to massive global changes that we’d all love to see. Less dependency on chemicals for example could create a greater self awareness for our future leaders. Small spiritual awareness in corporate culture, breaking away from the prepackaged meditation, mindfulness and yoga paradigms of peace, or inner peace to explore the possibility of embracing change, becoming adaptable, being aware of the holistic nature of variables that control performance.
Coming home with more energy than you left for work with. This is Corporate Spirituality. Chris Walker 
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