From Motivation to Inspiration in Business Culture

If I am motivated, then, there is a reward I seek for doing what I do that is far greater than what I currently have. I want what I haven’t got. In Buddhist teaching this is the source of all human suffering.
If I am inspired, then, I am happy with what I’ve got. I am fulfilled. And yet I am still driven to achieve more, get a result I want. When we are motivated we give our power to the object or person who holds the outcome we want. This creates all sorts of secondary effects such as greed, deception and false work life representation. So, it is quite strange that we would encourage motivation as a mechanism to entice people to do well, knowing fully that we are encouraging a disconnection from what people actually want: happiness. Every goal achieved creates a new one. It’s a mouse in a wheel.  And we stick to this program because most don’t know a better way. But there is a better way, “inspiration.”
Motivation to Inspiration. Got to – Need to is Motivation – It won’t get you to the top.
Link what you love to what you do. Inspiration is the engagement of the total person in the drive to create something. Motivation is quite often a connection to a need.
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