Why Corporate Spirituality is A Key to The Future of Leadership

Technology we can thank for many things: science, medicine and efficiency of life. But the single greatest gift of technology is freedom. What was once considered a bonus for an individual to bring to work, is now an expected norm. Take creativity for example: In studies world wide, creativity has become a standard in good high performance corporate cultures, and yet, just 10 years ago it would have been considered a feature of a unique department of the firm. Now, even the accounting department must have creativity in their culture or fear failure. Spirituality, although often mislabeled as inner peace or a more buddhist notion of peace to the world, brings to the forefront nearly every quality that was once considered a bonus. In fact, most employees under the age of 35 would consider the essential benefits of spirituality prerequisites to a job. Maybe it helps if we define spirituality in its real, unbranded and un-popularised sense. Firstly Spirituality in a corporate context means that we engage the heart and soul of each individual in a common journey to excellence in customer service. Having a link between individual purpose and company purpose is a vital key in corporate engagement. Secondly, it means awareness. This we often call human consciousness, but for simplicity sake lets stick with awareness. Awareness means consideration for all the variables that will affect human performance. This is a holistic awareness of what makes people tick and how this might affect other key aspects of life outside the workplace. Some call it balance but this is an old myth. Third, and most important, is individuality. This throws the full weight of self-leadership back on the individual. In old parlance, if you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen. There is a lot of complaining about long hours or hard expectations but this complaining doesn’t fix the problem. What fixes it is innovative self leadership. Innovative because it asks the single greatest question of all spiritual development “how do I get more done in less time?” Finally, culture change. If there is no spirituality invested in a corporate culture individual interests will transcend the greater good and once this is lost the cost of infighting and lost focus can not only be measured in billions of $ but in the social costs of stress and fatigue at home. Spirituality in corporate life poses and answers at an individual level this key question “How do I come home from work with more energy than I left with in the morning?” The answers are not generic, they are individual, but if one person in leadership in the organisation gets their answer right, the rest will follow soon after.
How do I get more done in less time? Chris Walker – the foundation question of corporate spirituality. Chris Walker – Walker International Culture Change Consulting
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