Benefits of Self-Leadership Coaching

When you commit to being coached in Self-Leadership you are taking a powerful step forward in your personal and business life.

Most importantly you are saying that it’s time for change. You want to evolve and be one step ahead of the stress and challenges that you’ll face. You want to lead and help others from an authentic place of Self-Leadership, where you are a good example of what you want others to follow.

It is a commitment to what Innerwealth Self Leadership Training offers:

  1. To get more done in less time
  2. To come home with more energy than you left with in the morning
  3. To have a clear articulation of your ambitions so they engage yourself and others
  4. To work with an open heart
  5. To feel and give more love at home
  6. To be healthier and more inspired?

STEP 1. Back on Track 30 days:

  • 12 hours of one on one coaching either in person or online via zoom
  • 15 short phone calls to connect and debrief.
  • Plenty of online exploring for both partners to play with.
  • Some exercises to shift things along.


I don’t work on just the low hanging fruit of personal change. I work quite deeply, spiritually, and at the level of the heart.



The up front Back on Track 30 day Challenge is $2300 – 

including the no charge meeting at the beginning before we exchange money.

As an alternative to the 30 day challenge casual consultations are $500 per session and last 1.5 hours.

Long term coaching is costed at $800 per month with weekly sessions. Less for longer term arrangements.


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