“Ego: The Ghost in Your Machinery”.

Chris Walker innerwealth at Namche Bazaar Nepal

D231B0C0-A231-4DB7-9125-5A48567E3F49I don’t often recommend books to my clients. Most are just the same old rubbish about self and emotions and leadership regurgitated in a more commercial and dumbed down version for instant gratification for those thinking that knowing something has anything to do with life. Well, this book and this author are different. Lou is famous for his work with BonJovi and the band, plus thousands of other groups and teams he’s guided very privately. His work is profound and I love this article about The Discipline of Conscious Conversation (2) so much I make it a key part of my Innerwealth 30 day Back on Track™ coaching challenge. But this book is even more powerful. I’ll let Lou tell you a bit about it.

From Dr Lou Cox – “The ego in my book is not the one in psychoanalytic theory. It is the more common version. It is the ego that we have a sense of being ‘something’ we all have. Usually we more readily see this version of ego as operating in others rather than in ourselves. Most recently we have certainly seen the downside of the ego operating in our political environment.

One purpose of my book is to decriminalize owning an ego: we all have one. But we don’t really know what they are or how they operate inside us. Our egos like to operate in stealth mode, “ghosts in our machinery”, keeping us believing that they don’t exist, and that there is no difference between my ‘me’ and my ego. They keep us believing “I am just being my self”. Whether we are happy or unhappy with that ‘self’. There is so much more to uncover about our egos and how they operate! We don’t realize just how much we are at their mercy. And we suffer in unnecessary ways as a result of this ignorance.


There is also so much more within what I call our “native selves”. For example, we were all born with an amazingly accurate inner compass for navigating the important relationships and challenges in our lives. I call this compass our “Truthplace”. It is the source of our own true guidance, compassion, wisdom, and courage.  It is the source of our unfolding true selves from one moment to the next. This source is not in our heads. It is in our hearts and our guts. But the way we are raised disconnects us from this organic and necessary inner guidance. My book locates and describes this source of inner guidance. It also provides methods for stepping out of the ego’s grip and for moving into the trustworthy knowing of this inner Truthplace. I like to call this movement “the great leap inward”.


My intention is that this book contributes to both the potency and compassion of our processes of self-recovery and self-realization. I hope this intention is realized for you if you choose to read the book. ”

Best wishes.   Dr Lou Cox

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