6 Essential Things You Need to Do Daily To Perform at Your Best at Work and At Home

1. Exercise


The highest on the score card of daily must do’s is exercise. The optimum is around 20-40 minutes in zone 2 (cardio and fat burning) plus 2-5 minutes of burst training where you become anaerobic. Research shows that 3-4 times a week is a minimum. I recommend 7 times a week (daily). The reason? Well it’s not just your body looking good and your physical health being maintained. Exercise is an anti depressant, anti stress, anti emotion, and pro vision. Exercise, especially under controlled and challenged conditions raises your metabolism and helps you fight the blues. Worth every second but please differentiate this from slow swim or walking the dog.


2. Walking the Dog


Doing nothing is a fine art. Some monks perfect it. Often we walk and think about things, that’s not walking the dog. Walking the dog means going out into nature, and walking the dog. The dog becomes your priority. Your phone is at home, or firmly in your pocket, you enjoy walking the dog. It’s not romantic, that’s walking with yourself or your partner (which I also advocate daily), but it is, walking the dog. Becoming a professional rester.


3. Sex


Intimacy with self or with other has a harmonising effect on the heart and soul. I believe that more people die from the lack of a quickie or a longie, than any other cause. Sex is important to the mental and emotional wellbeing of an individual and more is better. My definition of sex might be different to yours, so lets be clear. Sex isn’t always orgasmic and it isn’t always genital focussed. It’s touch, feel, kiss, action, words, look and touch. It’s private and it’s also public between two people. Sex is intimacy and it can be carried even via text.


4. Success


Success breeds success. If you are affirming a positive result in anything and everything you do, you’ll do better. It is a key component of mental and emotional wellness. Sometimes our job is to find opportunity and this leads us to be negative focussed, critical of self and others, looking for opportunities to improve things. But this is not healthy self and other leadership. It cost nothing to compliment someone (and self) and the returns are incredible.


5. Don’t Listen to Unsolicited Feedback


If you ask 200 people for their opinion at random, you’ll get a balance of positive and negative. That’s why we often ask a filtered audience for advice. We often try to get feedback that’s already biased toward what we want to hear. Feedback is critical to our future, but that feedback needs to be objective, detached and wisely based on our goals and dreams, not our opinions or feelings in the day. If you didn’t ask for it, don’t listen to it.


6. Separate and detach


Your stress is not my stress. You can learn how to have compassion for other’s misery, stress,worry, negativity, anxiety, anger, fear, ambition, feeling sorry for themselves, depression, etc without hitching your own wagon to their journey. You can know that hitching your wagon to someone else stress is simply unsustainable, unattractive, unhealthy and unwise. It’s not about distancing yourself, it’s really compassion, understanding, respect and yet, it’s the awareness that two stressed people (your reactions) don’t make one happy one.

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