Mobile Meditation – Micro Meditation

The summary of it is:

  • If your body, mind and soul are not focussed on the same thing, you’re wasting valuable time
  • If your conscious mind does not have power over your subconscious mind you will drift for life
  • Problems cannot be solved at the level they were caused
  • If you turn up at work in a pickle, don’t expect work to fix it.
  • If you don’t wake inspired in the morning, don’t blame the day, blame yourself for how you handled yesterday
  • Nobody thinks worse /better of you than you think of yourself
  • What you think about, worry about and fear, you bring about. (school of consciousness)
  • Just because the majority agree, it’s probably wise to disagree
  • You’ll get paid the most to express what others repress…
  • If your children had to choose between your time and your presence they’d choose presence because they call this love.
  • In life you can’t go backward even if you try
  • Feeling sorry for yourself is themes unattractive quality and causes rejection
  • Happiness is the ultimate goal of all humanity.
  • People define happiness depending on their circumstance.
  • Achievement doesn’t create happiness.
  • We need to lead self before we lead other.
  • Western thinking aims for feeling high, and because of this, causes all western problems.
  • We are holistic – e.g. health affects success affects relationship.
  • Wellbeing and fitness requires balance in all seven areas of life.
  • Growth is inevitable. Stress reveals the lack of it.
  • Growth is the secret to happiness.
  • An unbalanced life attracts unbalanced people to create unbalanced outcomes which are sad.

I heard the rumbling before I saw the plane. There, standing at my office window at 555 5th Avenue New York, looking out over Soho at the ill fated World Trade Centre, I watched from the rear of that first plane through every moment of the September 11 disaster. From the initial shock of a plane overhead through it’s struggle to align itself with the building and finally, its entry into the tower. I was there when poor souls jumped and waved shirts out smashed windows and I was still watching when, what we thought was a helicopter arriving to rescue people, turned out to be the second plane. I watched as buildings unbelievably fell, taking with them all who remained trapped and those who’d gone in to rescue.

That morning, just hours before this horrible mark on the fate of humanity, I’d meditated. I had done my yoga, stretched, bathed and was in a great space. But when the World Trade Centre Collapsed, was that meditation relevant?

On average, people who meditate get, at best, a few minutes of calm. Stick a pin in their arm just seconds after the meditation ends and they jump with pain, get angry with resentment and scream abuse. Meditation like this is no meditation at all.

While buildings collapsed and people panicked I stayed calm. I went to the streets helping people: some were smothered and blinded with white dust, ash and smoke. Others were dazed and disorientated. All transport had stopped, no trains, no taxi, no bus, no way other than walk outside Manhattan. Others were seriously hurt but too scared to know it. I didn’t do anything heroic, there were hundreds of us helping. But I could not have helped and done what I did 10 years earlier. In that era, I probably would have run into the burning building to save people.

To know your limits is to also know your super power. Mine is not hands on rescue, although I’ve done plenty of it in the Himalayas and in Surf Life Saving. My super power isn’t the bravery of the fire brigade in NYC who rushed in and gave their life to save others. My super power is something else. It has every bit as much value as the more overt courage of those brave people in NYC, but it’s different and unique.

Do you know your super power? You definitely have one, a place a space a gift you bring and it will be the totem around which your whole life revolves.

For me, my super power gives me the sense of true self. There are many things I learned from the East through hundreds or thousands of hours of challenging exploration of self and humanity. What I discovered was what I held my heart, a powerful place from which my actions really did help people.

That situation in NYC is exactly the same as a leader who has to face challenges and help others but must not lose themselves in it, because, like me running into a burning building, from that place, my super powers can’t be much help to anyone.

Three days after the buildings collapsed on September 11, 2001, and with the stench of death and burnt bodies in the air I still walked the streets to put my arm around people I’d never met before. It only took a look of kindness for those who needed to let the pain come out, I held firemen crying for their missing friends, mothers and partners holding photos of lost loved ones in the last hours of hope that they were not inside when the collapse took place. The world had to change and these grieving individuals en-mass were the trigger for it.

Mobile meditation is to live well, do well, and have no need to escape the realities, joys and harshness of life into a cave or prayer stool in order to find the miracle of life. Mobile meditation is about the Path. Living on the Path rather than retreating from stressed living in order to find it. Mobile meditation is the empowerment of our conscious mind over the subconscious without judgement but with fierce commitment. Mobile meditation is living day to day in a state of human bliss.

Coming Soon

How do you put yourself aside and do what is right for others? How do you discover this super power of yours and know when to stand back or step in? This is the topic of my next post….

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